‘Marriage Boot Camp’: Aaron Carter Trembles While Recalling A Terrible Childhood Trauma

Aaron Carter is challenged to draw and then detail a past trauma in the Nov. 22 episode of 'Marriage Boot Camp.' The memory actually makes him start shaking.

One of Aaron Carter’s childhood traumas is so painful, it causes the singer to tremble in the Nov. 22 episode of Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition. In a sneak peek clip EXCLUSIVELY obtained by HollywoodLife, Aaron presents a drawing of the painful memory to his castmates, and Dr. Ish Major notes, “Your hand’s shaking now.” Aaron then reveals what old wound could cause such a physical reaction. Explaining the scenario on his sketch paper, Aaron tells the group, “The guy literally picked me up with one hand by my throat and carried me outside of the house with one hand and throws me.’ Aaron doesn’t say who this man is, but continues, “So I immediately just took off and I ran, jumped over the gate.”

Where was Aaron’s mom, Jane, during all of this? That’s what Dr. Ish wants to know, and Aaron says, “She was like back on the stairs, kind of like just observing.” To this day, Aaron is still disappointed in his mom’s reaction to the incident. “This was the moment that our relationship like — ended,” Aaron declares, and he claims that his mom doesn’t even “recall” what happened. The “Candy” singer then reveals what his take-away from the traumatic memory is: “As a son, it tells me that my mom just neglected me.”

Like Aaron, his mother draws upon her own trauma that has haunted her since childhood — you can watch the rest of the clip above to find out what that is. Although Aaron is frustrated with his mother in this Friday’s episode, they did make progress on mending old wounds in the Oct. 25 episode of the show. Jane admitted that she “broke up” the family and acknowledges that Aaron was “all alone,” which is a feeling Aaron himself shares in a confessional in the upcoming episode.

While Aaron wished for a better childhood — he filed for legal emancipation from his parents at just 16 years old — he is now on great terms with his mom! Jane even took care of Aaron after he was hospitalized for unknown reasons in Florida on Nov. 14. Aaron is also returning the favor, because he tweeted two days later, “My mother is still struggling with her illness and I’d rather be focused on that at this Time( Helping her) and my music, life and happiness it’s time to move in from all this pain.”

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