Dog The Bounty Hunter Holds Up Newspaper To Prove He’s ‘Alive’ After Rumors He Had A 2nd Pulmonary Embolism

Dog the Bounty Hunter took the time to pose for a photo while holding up a paper that read 'I'm Alive!' on it on Nov. 20 after rumors began to swirl that he suffered from a second pulmonary embolism.

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Image Credit: Shutterstock

Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman, 66, wants everyone to know he’s alive and well! The widower of the late Beth Chapman, who died of lung cancer in June, posed for a photo on Nov. 20 that proved he’s up and about after fans feared he was in the hospital again with a second pulmonary embolism. In the photo, which was posted by TMZ, he held up a white paper that read, “I’M ALIVE!” in one hand and the Denver Post newspaper in the other. Check out the pic of Dog HERE!

Dog posed for the pic just before he was ready to head out to a workout, the outlet reported. After getting a ton of notifications from concerned fans who thought he was in bad health on social media, he decided to put their worries to rest by not only telling everyone he is alright, but showing it with the snapshot.

The concern for Dog comes after he was admitted to a hospital in Sept. for what initially was said to be a “heart emergency” and was later diagnosed as pulmonary embolism, a condition in which one or more of the arteries in the lungs is blocked by a blood clot. The condition can be life threatening but luckily doctors helped Dog when he needed it most. The popular reality TV star went on to appear on The Dr. Oz Show in Nov. to do a scan of his lungs and explain what it was that caused the pulmonary embolism and what he can do to prevent it from happening again. He also opened up about his thoughts with the diagnosis and what the doctors did when he was hospitalized.

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