‘Chicago Fire’ Boss: Dawson’s Return Will Cause A ‘Whirlwind Of Emotions’ For Casey & More Scoop

Casey is getting a blast from the past when Dawson returns in the 'Chicago Fire' fall finale. HL talked with EP Derek Haas about what Dawson's return means for Casey, Stella being pushed to the limit, and more.

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Casey certainly isn’t expecting Dawson to show back up in Chicago but that’s exactly what happens in the Chicago Fire fall finale, airing Nov. 20. Monica Raymund will return as Dawson, which means the Dawsey feels are going to be everywhere. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Chicago Fire boss Derek Haas about how Casey feels about the return of his former love. “It means he’s going to have a whirlwind of emotions going through him,” Derek told HollywoodLife. “One thing you’ll find out is that she’s only going to be back for a couple of days. So the fact that he knows that, she knows that, and they’re clear-eyed about it, that informs the episode.”

So what does Dawson’s return mean for Brett? They used to be partners and best friends but sparks have been flying between Casey and Brett lately. “Brett’s the kind of person who would subdue her own feelings if she thought it would make someone else happy,” Derek continued. “She puts other people ahead of herself always and that’s just the way she is. She’s very happy to see Dawson, they were best friends, and they pick up their conversation as though it were yesterday, as does happen with best friends. But that’s the way she is, so she’s true to her character.”

Stella has been working non-stop lately and it feels like she’s running on fumes. Derek teased that Stella may end up pushing herself too far in the fall finale.

“That’s going to come to a head in this episode,” Derek said. “You can only push your body so far and this is a job that’s demanding. When you do a firefighter shift, you go 24 hours and on and sometimes you may be able to sleep eight hours, but sometimes those bells are going to go off all night long and you get no sleep. Then she’s running to the Academy, and then she’s running to Molly’s and doing that. So she is pushing her body to the limits, and her body is telling her she needs to slow down and recharge. I think all of us at one point or another is like,’Oh, I can push through this, I can push through, I got this meeting or whatever.’ Well, sometimes you can’t.” Chicago Fire season 8 will return with new episodes in 2020.

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