‘Teen Mom 2’: Jeremy Cancels His Date With Leah & Kailyn Learns Her Dog Has Cancer

Leah's feelings for Jeremy started to waver, during the Nov. 19 episode of 'Teen Mom 2', as Kailyn learned devastating news about a family dog.

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It took Jeremy Calvert months to properly ask Leah Messer out on a date, so she was thrilled when he finally bit the bullet and decided to take her out to dinner, during the Nov. 19 episode of Teen Mom 2. Unfortunately for her, his grandfather had to go to the hospital, so he cancelled on her last minute. And while a health scare is a good excuse for cancelling a date, Leah seems to have become frustrated with how flakey Jeremy has been. Not only did he skip out on joining her and their daughter in Hawaii recently, but it took him a really long time to ask her out after saying he wanted to. Plus, he hasn’t been very clear about her feelings, and while talking to a friend this week, Leah remembered how “quickly” Jeremy ended their marriage. So while she was initially excited about possibly rekindling their romance, she seems to be giving up on the idea of a happy ending for them as a couple.

Later, Leah met up with Kailyn so they could attend the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards together, but while they were getting ready, Kailyn learned some devastating news. Her dog, Bear, had been acting abnormal lately, so she had previously taken him to the vet. And when she was with Leah, the vet called to inform her that they found a mass (likely cancer) on the dog’s spleen. The vet told Kailyn that she’d send the dog home with some medicine to make him feel more comfortable, but if his condition got worse, she should probably put him down. And considering Kailyn’s had the dog for the last eight years, this new broke her heart.

Meanwhile, Briana was happy to hear Luis was back in town and wanting to see their daughter, Stella. But soon after his visit, he texted Briana and asked if he could borrow $1500. Before this visit, he hadn’t seen their daughter in 6-7 months, so Briana then felt like his entire motive for reuniting was so he could get some money from her. And while she didn’t want to give him anything, because he’s Stella’s dad, she lent him the money in hopes that he’d pay her back.

In other Teen Mom 2 news, Sean was late on his rent, so since Jade is the leaseholder, she was on the brink of getting sued by the landlord. Instead of going to court, though, Jade paid the late fees and back-rent, and scolded Sean for not being able to hold a job and pay his bills. Hw, however, told her she was being “rude” and screamed back at her. If we were her, we would have kicked him out on the street, but she hasn’t mustered up the courage to do so yet. And Chelsea received a surprising call from Adam‘s mom, who said she wanted to talk to Chelsea about a few things. But we’ll have to wait until next week to find out what they are.

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