‘Teen Mom 2’: Jeremy Asks Leah Out On A Date & Daughter Addie Teases Them About ‘Kissing’ — Watch

Leah Messer's casual hookup and flirting with ex-husband Jeremy Calvert looks to be turning into an actual romance. She agrees to go out on a date with him as their daughter Addie cheers them on to 'kiss.'

It looks like Teen Mom 2‘s Leah Messer and ex-husband Jeremy Calvert are taking a bold new step towards reconciling. While they’ve been keeping things casual after hooking up, following last year’s Teen Mom 2 reunion taping, their romantic texts have finally led to an actual date! In an EXCLUSIVE clip from the show’s upcoming Nov. 19 episode, the two are seated at her dining room table when their daughter Addie, 6, opens up the doors and tells them, “Don’t want to miss the sunset with you two kissing,” as she seems hopeful that her parents are heading towards a romantic relationship.

That leaves Leah, 27, blushing with a big smile on her face. Jeremy, 30, then asks her on an actual date, saying “do you want to go out to dinner tomorrow?” and Leah tells him “I’m down with that.” Up until now, the former couple had been keeping things casual as they didn’t want to get Addie and Leah’s other daughters, twins Ali and Aleeah “Gracie”, 9, hopes up that the pair could be reconciling.

In an early October Teen Mom 2 episode, Gracie managed to grab Leah’s phone and came across flirty texts between her mom and Jeremy. After she then declared “You like Jeremy” and Leah responded, “I do not like Jeremy,” as her daughter begged her, “I just want you to stop lying and tell me the truth.”

“What do you want me to tell you? I would never lie to you. Do I like Jeremy? I like Jeremy cause he’s Addie’s dad. Do I think there’s any possible relationship stuff? I honestly don’t know. We’re going with the flow. Whatever happens, happens. You see what I’m saying? We’re just doing the best thing for Addie,” she explained. Well, going with the flow has led to an actual dinner date so that’s a good start!

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