RHOA’s Porsha Williams Tricks Baby PJ With Fake TV Remote — See Cute New Pic

Porsha Williams bought her daughter PJ a toy TV remote control, and the 'RHOA' star shared a pic of her baby with it saying she's still going to 'hunt for the real thing.'

Porsha Williams and daughter PJ
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When your mother is a reality TV star, of course a child is going to start knowing what a television remote control is from a very young age. Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams,, 38, got her seven-month-old daughter Pilar Jhena a toy remote, with a colorful number display on the front. In a photo she posted to Instagram from her daughter’s IG account on Nov. 19 (yes, she started one for PJ almost as soon as she entered the world in March), the precious little one is seen holding it while sitting in between her mom’s legs in bed.

“Check out my remote mommy bought me lmbo Mommy thinks she’s slick!!! Nope I’m still gonna hunt the real thing 🤣🤣🤣,” the caption read. A big screen TV could be seen in the background with what appeared to be some sort of children’s cartoon show playing. But PJ wasn’t looking in that direction, as instead she was looking at her mommy with a sweet smile across her face.

Other moms could totally relate to Porsha’s dilemma of PJ wanting to find the real TV remote because apparently this is a serious thing for babies. kayah_shantimom commented, “Thats funny i got my baby the same one she still wants the real one smh.” User lovethyself_01 wrote, “My 9 month old son Jayceon got the same remote… he looked at it for second and tossed it to the side and went right back to the real thing!! 😂😂.” ajs20020 had the same problem, writing, “My baby did the same thing. I bought him a fake remote AND a fake cell phone, and he kept crying and searching for mine. 👶🏽#babiesareSMART,” while love__sabrina had some great advice, telling Porsha, “Get her a real 1 and take the batteries out! That’s what I did for my daughter when she was little 🤷🏾‍♀️😂.”

Some fans noticed  how PJ’s finally starting to resemble Porsha a little bit more, as in her earlier months the baby’s face was a mirror image of her dad Dennis McKinley, 43. Fan fletcher121355 commented, “I’ve been saying she’s going to look more and more like Mommy each day. So cute😍,” while nyce_le added that Pilar is a “Perfect blend of mommy and daddy,” in the pic.

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