Emma White Has The Hottest Staycation Ever In New Music Video For ‘If You’re In It’: Watch

Tequila shots, board games, bubble baths -- Emma White's new music video for 'If You're In It' has us all craving a nice hotel stay & a super hot boyfriend!

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Fresh off the success of her viral hit “Ten Year Town,” Emma White is back with a sultry music video to go along with her jam “If You’re In It,” and HollywoodLife.com has the EXCLUSIVE first look! In the vid for the upbeat song, Emma is joined by a super cute man at Nashville’s The Fairlane Hotel for a little staycation action! The pair enjoy the incredible room that includes a stone fireplace and amazing bath tub (we’ll get to that later!) Emma puts dating apps on blast (same, girl), as she rolls in the bright white sheets singing, “Don’t wanna, swipe right ’til I get a match wanna be totally in it with you / Don’t wanna, guess game not knowing when it could be exclusively me plus you / If you’re in it I’m in it, down to forget about anyone else but you / If you feel what I’m feeling, if not I’ll forget it tell me what you wanna do.” Now that’s something we can relate to!

“It’s about someone I met on a dating app. I wrote it last summer and actually sent it to him, and then that relationship ended,” Emma revealed in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife.com. “It’s a fun song, it’s basically like, I really like you, do you like me?!” In the video, there seems to be no question whether the man is into Emma, though! At one point, the two sneak into a private party in the Fairlane Hotel lobby, where the guy takes the mic to profess his admiration of Emma! Then, the chef cooks the couple up a special meal that they share before taking things up to their room. Steamy! At another point, he brings Emma takeout while she’s sitting in a bubble bath — and then he joins her, fully clothed!

While she calls “If You’re In It” more of a pop-leaning number, Emma added that her future releases will be a mix of her country roots, as well as her inspirations, like Ed Sheeran. “I released an EP that was more of a songwriters set of songs I felt like showcased me, bare bones being really honest with people, setting the stage of what it to come,” she explained. “It was like, this is who I am and I wanted to make a statement about what I really care about and think about, but then to come is more production and entertainment. I want to do something that’s chameleon-esque, with production value.”

Be sure to check out Emma White’s music video for “If You’re In It” now! And, download/stream her EP The Actress, available on all platforms!

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