‘Unpolished’ Preview: Lexi Paints A Photo Of Sonogram On A Client’s Nail — Watch

Lexi is a fabulous nail artist and she's tasked with drawing a photo of a sonogram on a pregnant client's nail in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the brand-new TLC series 'Unpolished.'

Unpolished is an all-new series on TLC and HollywoodLife has an EXCLUSIVE preview of the Nov. 17 series premiere. A pregnant client walks into Lexi’s salon and asks Lexi to paint one of her sonogram pictures onto her nail. While Lexi admits the request is a little weird, she knows the woman is about to go into labor. “I can’t disappoint her,” Lexi says.

Lexi reveals this specific nail job is “tricky” because it’s “kind of abstract but it has to be detailed enough for you to tell what it is.” She adds that she has to be “very precise when I’m painting my lines.” Lexi later says, “One of the best parts of my job is that when people get their nails done it makes them happy. I’ve had clients who come in who are unable with themselves and just getting their nails done makes them feel better.”

Unpolished follows the Martone family. Lexi is a nail artist with a massive social media following and a knack for never-before-seen designs. Along with her sister Bria, a hair colorist/makeup artist and co-owner of Salon Martone on Long Island, the talented duo is driven to maintain their business while also juggling family dynamics and each of their own romantic relationships. The show also features their mother, Jennifer, who helps manage the business; grandmother Foxy, a seasoned hairstylist who can’t be tamed; and even their dad Big Mike stops by occasionally to join the hustle of salon life!

The show’s first season will consist of 6 one-hour episodes. Unpolished airs on Sundays at 10 p.m.

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