Taylor Swift Is ‘Ready To Make A Statement’ At AMAs Amid Scooter Braun Drama

Taylor Swift is gearing up to perform at the 2019 American Music Awards on Nov. 24 and she has plans to make quite the impression now that she's made it known she's battling Scooter Braun and Scott Borchetta to sing her old hits.

Taylor Swift
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It looks like Taylor Swift‘s headline-making statement about her battle with Scooter Braun, 38, and Scott Borchetta, 57, who now own all her old hits with her former label Big Machine Records, is just the beginning of the lasting impressions she’s trying to make. The 29-year-old “Lover” crooner is set to take the big stage at the upcoming American Music Awards, where she’ll be honored with the Artist of the Decade award, on Nov. 24 and she’s ready to give the performance of a lifetime.

“Taylor is humbled by being named the Artist of the Decade and had always intended to perform on the show to show her fans and the AMAs how appreciative she is over the honor, but then the latest uproar occurred with Big Machine and Scooter Braun that has since caused her to speak out and potentially change up what she was going to perform,” a source tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “She is now figuring out all the details on everything and what she will actually perform and say when she accepts the award but it has come to a point now where she knows that it will be her most raw and real performance ever.”

Being named Artist of the Decade is a huge honor but it now has much more significance due to the battle Taylor’s been going through in owning all the songs she created before her Lover album and she wants to express her feelings in ways she never has before when she takes the stage at the AMAs. “A lot of that night is about her career from the past and where she is today and what she will be looking to go towards in the future,” the source continued. “It is not going to be just a regular award show performance, she wants this to be the most memorable one she has ever done. It is important that she makes a statement with her performance and her words because it is going to echo loudly in the music industry and she is ready to make a statement.”

Taylor got her fans and supporters’ attention on Nov. 14 when she took to social media to release a statement that explained Scooter and Scott were blocking her from performing her older hit songs at the upcoming AMAs because they claimed it would be like she was re-recording her hits, which she’s not allowed to do until Nov. 2020. She also said that they will not allow her to use her old songs in a future Netflix documentary about her life unless she agrees to not re-record copycat versions of her old songs next year and to stop talking about Scooter and Scott publicly. Big Machine released their own statement denying these claims and explained that they “do not have the right to keep her from performing live anywhere” so what Taylor will perform at the AMAs remains to be seen but we can guarantee all eyes will be on her when the time comes.

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