‘RHOC’s Emily Simpson Reveals She’s Dropped 15 Pounds Since Stepping On Scale With Tamra Judge

'RHOC' star Emily Simpson was mortified stepping on the scale in front of viewers and she's opening up EXCLUSIVELY about how it helped her make a physical change.

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Emily Simpson, 43, is in her sophomore year on Bravo’s hit series The Real Housewives Of Orange County, and we have watched her struggle all season with her marriage to husband Shane Simpson which led to other problems with her own personal health. But from the sounds of things, it looks like we will be seeing a little less of Emily as we head into the final episodes of season 14 as she admits to finally putting her health first. “I’m about 15 pounds down from that way and I hope to do like another 15 pounds once my hip gets better,” Emily revealed to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY at the first ever BravoCon in New York City on Nov. 15. “Actually, when we were done filming, I reached out to a personal trainer that was, that lives nearby me that I followed for a long time and I just asked if like she would help me cause I kind of was like lost as far as what to do. And she was great. She three times a week would meet me at 6:00 AM before my kids woke up and we would just walk hills and we would do push ups and sit ups and she did a lot of adjustments for my hips so that, you know, we did a lot of modifications and so I just, I could see the weight just slowly start to come off. Consistency.”

What Emily didn’t want to happen though was the infamous scene she filmed at CUT Fitness with Tamra Judge, 52, and her husband Eddie Judge, 46 where she hopped on the scale and was greeted with a whopping 191 pound read. Though she appreciated her co-stars helping her try to shed the pounds, she didn’t feel it was a good fit to work with the married personal trainers for her own journey. “Well, Tamra doesn’t live close by me,” Emily said. “I think a lot of people thought it was a personal thing against Tamra and that’s not it. CUT Fitness is literally40 minutes from my house. The trainer I trained with is like, ‘We need to add a park like five minutes from my house.’ So when you have three little kids, it’s all about time management. I don’t have time to drive 40 minutes to a gym and 40 minutes home.”

Emily, who called stepping on the scale in front of viewers “mortifying,” admits she’s in a different place now versus when this was all filmed months ago.  “When we were filming, it was a downtime in my marriage with Shane and we were going through a lot and he was taking the bar exam and it was a lot of pressure on us and my health wasn’t great and my hip was killing me and my arthritis was bad,” Emily revealed. “I gained weight. There was just a lot of things going on. And you know what, it just, that’s what was going on. And so it was all captured on camera. And when I watch it,  a lot of times it’s embarrassing cause you’re like, “Oh, I wasn’t good” or “That wasn’t,” but it’s real and that happened and it is what it is.”

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