Why Miranda Lambert Didn’t Give Ex Blake Shelton A Standing Ovation At CMAs

Miranda Lambert didn't join in when the audience at the CMAs on Nov. 10 gave her ex, Blake Shelton, a standing ovation after his performance of his CMA Award winning song 'God's Country.'

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Miranda Lambert, 36, and Blake Shelton, 43, may have moved on from their relationship, but there is definitely still some tension. At the CMA Awards on Nov. 10, Miranda and her husband, Brendan Mcloughlin, noticeably didn’t join the audience’s standing ovation for Blake, following his rousing performance of “God’s Country.” But the move — or lack there of — doesn’t seem to hold that much meaning, at least for Miranda. “It would be phony for Miranda to jump up and give Blake a standing ovation, but it’s really not that big a deal,” a source shared EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife. What’s more, fans were actually surprised that Miranda chose to stay for the performance at all.

But her choice to be there was definitely purposeful. “Every movement at award shows on when people sit or go to the stage to perform or present is all determined ahead of time. So if someone doesn’t want to be there or be seen they will not be there,” a second source shared with HollywoodLife. Blake and Miranda have, in the years since their 2015 divorce, have done this before and it “may likely happen again,” in the future, the source continued. However, any animosity between the two has seemingly dissipated as they’ve moved on. Miranda shocked her fans when she got married to Brendan in a secret ceremony in January 2019, while Blake has been in a committed relationship with his fellow The Voice coach, Gwen Stefani, since late 2015.

The duo are clearly trying to make amends by simply moving on with their lives. “They are finally getting to a point where the raw emotion of their relationship isn’t ruining their times when they have to see each other,” the secondary source explained. “They are both maturing and have moved on. They aren’t going to be friends but we will likely see them more while the other performs at these award shows. They are making an effort to be less petty.”

Though some fans might view Miranda’s move to not join in Blake’s standing ovation as slightly shady, the “It All Comes Out In The Wash” singer is seemingly setting clear boundaries for what she is and is not comfortable with when it comes to her relationship with her ex. “She isn’t going to be fake and pretend she’s best friends with Blake,” our primary source revealed. For Miranda, though, when it comes to the drama between her and Blake, “she’s so over it.”

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