Fly By Midnight Recruit Betty Who To Transform Song ‘Lovely’ Into An Enchanting Duet

Music’s always better with friends, right? While Fly By Midnight’s original version of ‘Lovely’ was precisely that, they tell us that adding Betty Who has ‘changed the concept of the song as a whole.’

“Inches between us, counting in down / Midnight’s emotion, driving around / I’ve look over at you, and you look at me too / If I just leaning and get out of my head, don’t know what you would do,” begins Fly By Midnight’s “Lovely,” the focus single off of their upcoming album, Happy About Everything Else. The NYC-based retro-pop duo’s track won over fans, but something was missing. That “something” was none other than Australian singer-songwriter Betty Who. The “Somebody Loves You” singer teamed up with Fly By Midnight for a new version of “Lovely,” and the results are – in a word – transformative.

“When we decided that this new version of “Lovely” should be a duet, it really changed the concept of the song as a whole,” Fly By Midnight’s Justin Bryte tells HollywoodLife. “It no longer was this one-sided story of longing for someone, but more of a mutual affection that both people can’t express to each other.” Adding a new voice to the mix does alter the song, but as Slavo tells us, not any voice would do.

”We really wanted one feature on the album and have been such longtime fans of Betty’s work. She was our first and only choice,” he says. Fans of both Fly By Midnight and Betty Who will adore this new version. The original “Lovely” premiered at No. 1 on Apple Music’s Pop Hot Tracks, as well as Spotify’s New Music Friday Us, UK, Japan & Sweden playlists.

“We knew [“Lovely”] had to be the focus single leading up to the album. The push & pull of the song really encompasses the message of the whole record. A constant journey of highs & lows,” Slavo said in a statement about this new jam. Fans will be taken on that journey on Nov. 22, the day that Happy About Everything Else is released.

The album caps off an incredible year for Fly By Midnight. While building a die-hard fanbase, the band played sold-out shows in New York and Los Angeles. They also took their act to the festivals, playing both Firefly and Panorama. Now, they have a new album on the way, powered by this amazing duet. As big as 2019 was for the band, 2020 is poised to be even bigger.

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