Paris Jackson, 21, & Boyfriend Gabriel Glenn Are ‘Crazy In Love’: How Their Romance Has Changed Her Priorities

Paris Jackson and Gabriel Glenn, who perform together as The Soundflowers, are on their first tour and more in love than ever.

Paris Jackson Gabriel Glenn In Love
Image Credit: Earl Gibson III/Shutterstock

Paris Jackson, 21, and Gabriel Glenn, 20, have been together since 2018, the same year they started their bandThe Soundflowers. Now the happy couple is embarking on their very first tour and things couldn’t be better for the musically gifted pair. A Jackson family insider tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that the loving relationship has made a big impact on Paris and her plans for the future.

“Paris is doing really, really well. She and Gabriel are crazy in love and very happy together,” says the insider. “They’re on their first [Soundflowers] tour right now and they’re busy working on their first [Soundflowers] album. Paris has found her voice and her confidence with music, she’s pretty much constantly writing songs. She still has an interest in acting but it’s definitely takes second place to her music now.  And it’s the same with modelling, she’s still enjoys it and she’ll take on certain projects but it’s much less of a priority to her now compared to music. Being with Gabriel and making music with him has changed her priorities because now she has the confidence to really go after a career in music.”

Paris and Gabriel kicked off their tour with a show in Santa Barbara on Nov. 12. The day before Paris took to Instagram to share a long message about her band’s Full Moon Tour, writing: ‘Sooo if you guys were wondering why our hands were covered in rainbow dye last night… it’s because we were tie dying t-shirts for my band for our tour up the pacific coast highway, starting on the full moon!!  I’m so excited to hit the road for frisco (aka the birthplace of the free love movement and the mecca for my peoples), buskin’ n stoppin’ at cafes n dive bars along the way, guided by the new moon. and i’m sooo incredibly grateful for all the friends that came by yesterday and helped us with the march.’

Back in April, when they celebrated their one year anniversary, Paris took to Instagram to share her love for her boyfriend with the world. Beside a sweet picture of her locking lips with Gabriel she wrote: “You’re the light of my life. Thank you for making me the happiest and luckiest girl in the world. happy anniversary baby,” Jackson said in an Instagram caption. “Can’t wait for another trip around the sun.”

Gabriel isn’t shy when it comes to showering Paris with lots of love. When she turned 21, on April 3, Gabriel posted the sweetest message for Paris, writing in part: “what a crazy beautiful strange trip around the sun it has been. My sun rises and sets with you. You’re my moon, my everything. It has been the greatest honor and pleasure to share my heart, soul, dreams & bed with you. Thank you for showing me what unconditional love really is, you make me a better man & musician than I could ever hope to be. You put the words in my head, the melodies in my heart. One birthday together down, a lifetime to go.”

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