BadMoodRude Teams With MOD SUN For Haunting New Track ‘Novocaine’ – Listen

When a relationship goes sour, it can hurt like hell. BadMoodRude has partnered up with MOD SUN to kill the pain with ‘Novocaine,’ and we’ve got the EXCLUSIVE premiere of this new song!

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Image Credit: Taylor Rambo

It begins with a kiss, a gentle, chiptune-flavored kiss. Then, BadMoodRude x MOD SUN’s “Novocaine” beings its music box melody before Rude’s voice steps into the spotlight. She delivers a sparse, haunting tale of a relationship gone wrong (“Will you love me / will you hurt me / Will you numb me / someone help me”) that is only amplified when MOD SUN comes in. “I just want to kill the pain / want to find nirvana / without no Kurt Cobain.”

” ‘Novocaine’ is a song about toxic relationships and the people in your life who you care so much about but have hurt you,” BadMoodRude tells HollywoodLife about the collaboration. “It could be a family member, significant other, or friend.” Thankfully, her new friendship with MOD SUN is not one of those toxic relationships, as the new partnership has yielded this intriguing slice of synth-pop.

“I’ve known about MOD SUN since he was in the bands Four Letter Lie and then Scary Kids Scaring Kids,” BadMoodRude tells HollywoodLife. “I grew up with his music when I was literally 10, and that was 15 years ago. Then we became mutuals on Instagram this year because we like each other’s style. I wrote ‘Novocaine,’ and I knew I wanted it to be my first song I did with another artist, but I wanted someone who I thought would add more emotion to it, and something clicked that I should reach out to see if he would be interested. He fell in love with the song and recorded his verse in a day. He’s genuinely one of the sweetest people!”


As for MOD SUN’s take on the track? He tells HollywoodLife that it was “one of, if not my favorite, feature [that] I’ve ever been part of. The second I heard the song, I was hypnotized and legit started recording that moment. It all came out in a hauntingly beautiful way.”

BadMoodRude will be one to watch in the coming decade. Citing inspiration from several genres, from Limp Bizkit to Amy Winehouse, BadMoodRude began her musical journey by working in marketing for a local concert promoter. With encouragement from her late grandmother, BadMoodRude stepped to the microphone and found her voice. She also found an audience. Her songs have blown up online, with “Bigger,” “U Must H8 Me,” and “If I Make You Sad” each amassing over 200k streams on Spotify. 2020 will be her biggest year yet, with performances and collaborations – with R I L E Y, Kaiba and producer mysticphonk – on the horizon.

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