Thomas Rhett Flubs & Forgets Lyrics Live Ironically While Performing ‘Remember You Young’ At CMAs

Oh, the sweet irony. Thomas Rhett failed to recall the next verse while performing his song 'Remember You Young' at the CMA Awards on Nov. 13. At least the 'Male Vocalist of the Year' nominee had a back-up plan!

Thomas Rhett
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Compared to other award shows, the Country Music Association Awards is the quiet child who distances oneself from drama. You won’t expect a sudden Kanye West interception on stage, or an impassioned rant due to its “politics-free” reputation, but Thomas Rhett, 29, did manage to get Twitter talking on Nov. 13! Thomas, who’s nominated for the 2019 “Male Vocalist of the Year” honor, took the stage to perform “Remember You Young,” when the ultimate singer’s nightmare happened — he couldn’t remember his next lyrics.

“And hey darling sipping that red wine / All classy kicked back on the couch / You smile and I see you shootin’ tequila / Us shuttin’ them college bars down,” Thomas sang mid-way into the performance. But instead of launching into the next line — “And no matter how much time goes by” — Thomas repeated the verse!  Amused fans took notice of the minor flub, but they’re looking past this on-stage faux pas. “@ThomasRhett yes. You forgot a verse. But we love you anyway. #CMAawards,” one fan tweeted, and another observant viewer tweeted, “It’s okay ThomasRhett I’m sure I’m the only one who noticed that goof up! You’re still incredible. 🙏🏻😋 #CMAawards.” Well, at least Thomas sang something!

Of course, Thomas hasn’t been the only country music artist to shake up this smooth-running operation. Viewers have been caught by surprise while tuning in to past shows, like when longtime hosts Carrie Underwood, 36, and Brad Paisley, 47, tested the show’s “no politics” rule by singing a tune that threw obvious shade at Donald Trump, 73, in 2017! “Right now, he’s probably in his PJs / watching cable news and reaching for his cell phone. / Right now, he’s probably asking Siri /how in the hell do you spell ‘Pocahontas,'” Brad sang on the stage, a parody of Carrie’s “Before He Cheats.” The OG singer herself jumped in to poke further fun at the POTUS’ tweeting habits (without ever actually naming him).

Brothers Osborne also took their chances by dropping a political joke on the stage while accepting the award for Vocal Duo of the Year at the 2018 CMAs. “I cant believe we keep winning this. If this was Florida, there’d be a recount,” brothers T.J. Osborne and John Osborne joked, poking fun at Florida’s need to recount its midterms election votes that year. Sure, this is nothing close to Kevin Hart telling Trump to “suck it” at the 2018 Video Music Awards. But by CMAs standards, these on-stage moments — with Thomas now joining the roundup — certainly add flavor to the long-running award show!

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