‘VH1: UnVeiled’ Exclusive: First Trailer Of New Series With Your Fave ‘LHH’ Stars

HollywoodLife is EXCLUSIVELY announcing the new VH1 digital series 'VH1: UnVeiled,' which will give fans an even deeper look into the lives of 'Love & Hip Hop' stars. HL is also revealing the very first trailer as well.

The new VH1 digital series VH1: UnVeiled will premiere Nov. 19 on VH1 YouTube at 12 p.m. ET, HollywoodLife can EXCLUSIVELY reveal. New episodes will be dropped every Tuesday. VH1: UnVeiled is an all-new digital original series that will take an intimate look at the stars from your favorite VH1 shows like Love & Hip Hop. VH1: UnVeiled wants you to know that you don’t know the full story about these stars.

The series will chronicle the everyday lives of the stars and will “strip back all of the layers and reveal unfiltered truths about their life on and off screen.” HollywoodLife is also debuting the first trailer for the series. Love & Hip Hop: New York star Mariahlynn is one of the stars of VH1: UnVeiled. “Mariahlynn is the perception and Mariah is the girl who wakes up with stinky breath in the morning,” Mariahlynn says. “Like, she’s just a normal human being. She’s just herself.” Later, she cries in a confessional and says, “You can go from being your regular self to being whoever you wanna be in life.”

Jonathan Fernandez will also get the spotlight in this series. “I’m an uneducated boy from Washington Heights with all the odds stacked against him and I got to venture out into so many different things and that only happened to me because of Love & Hip Hop. All I can say is I’m proud,” he says.

“They’ve lived their lives in front of the camera. But it’s time to pull back the curtain. Like you’ve never seen them before,” the tagline for the series reads. We’re so ready for whatever VH1: UnVeiled has in store for us.

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