‘Teen Mom 2’: Briana DeJesus Shares Major News That Leaves John Speechless

After visiting John in New York, and meeting his family, Briana DeJesus made a major life decision during the Nov. 12 episode of 'Teen Mom 2'.

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Image Credit: MTV

Briana DeJesus doesn’t seem to care about her boyfriend, John, anymore. At least, that’s how she came across during the Nov. 12 episode of Teen Mom 2. After months of her begging John to move to Florida, and him not taking action, Briana took it upon herself to a buy a house, but it wasn’t one for her and John to move into together. Instead, it was a house for her, her two daughters, as well as her mom and sister, to all move into together. So where does John fit into this equation? Well, according to Briana, he doesn’t. She told her friend that she wouldn’t move again anytime soon since she didn’t want to move her girls into one house and then uproot them again in the near future. Furthermore, she doesn’t want to live with John and her mom, so basically she was saying that she’s not going to live with John anytime soon. And when he found out about her house, he came down to visit her and talk things out. The only problem was that Briana barely talked to him. They didn’t even kiss when he got off the plane. It was so incredibly awkward, and now we know why they broke up after this episode was filmed.

Meanwhile, Jade‘s parents were still in jail this week, so she reached out to Shawn for support with their daughter. They didn’t have the most pleasant interactions, but since Shawn appears to be clean and sober (for now), she agreed to let him watch Kloie, while she worked. Unfortunately for her, he was more interested in getting back together — but she said it was his fault that they broke up in the first place. She also called him “stupid”, which he didn’t love. But maybe there’s hope for these two? At least their interactions were easier to watch than Briana and John’s.

Later, Kailyn surprised her boys with their new house — fully decorated, Leah‘s daughters started their first days of fourth and first grade, and Chelsea dealt with some major anxiety before and during the launch party for her clothing line.

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