‘The Challenge’ Recap: [SPOILER] Celebrates Epic Elimination Win With An Incredible Surprise

The U.S. and U.K. teams both remain divided on the Nov. 6 episode of 'The Challenge,' but the drama is briefly put aside after a BIG surprise from one of the players at the proving ground!

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Now that Tori has switched over to team U.K. on The Challenge: War of the WorldsCara Maria and Paulie are even more in-control of their team. Tori’s alliance of Jordan (her boyfriend), Josh, Zach and Nany know that they’re on the short side of the numbers compared to Cara and Paulie’s alliance, which includes Ninja Natalie, Kam, Ashley and Leroy. Meanwhile, over on team U.K., Tori, Theo and Jenny are struggling against Cara and Paulie’s U.K. allies, Joss, Rogan, Kayleigh, C.T. and Dee.

At the challenge, the players have to traverse six climbing walls that are suspended 35 feet above the water. They must transfer tiles from the side of the wall to their matching positions on the wall. However, players from the opposite team will be cranking the walls so that they’re moved further apart as the contestants are climbing, which makes things much more difficult. Team U.K. puts up a fairly pathetic display, and the U.S. team wins by transferring 10 tiles to the U.K.’s four. However, as usual, there’s drama when it comes time to pick the tribunal.

With Cara and Paulie’s alliance in control, it’s no surprise when they overstep the other alliance to name Paulie as the speaker. He chooses Cara and Zach to be in the tribunal with him. Since he knows that Cara will vote the same way as him no matter what, it doesn’t matter that Zach, a member of the opposing alliance, is also in the power position.

At the nominations, Theo knows he really has no hope. Rogan, Joss and C.T. are all working together, along with the majority of the team. So, even though Theo is one of the strongest guys on the show — and has already won THREE eliminations — he’s voted in. He doesn’t shy away from letting everyone know how pissed he is, though. He lets his team know that he plans to win the elimination, then return to team U.K. and throw challenges for the rest of the game so they won’t win.

Meanwhile, Zach knows that he isn’t going to have a say in the tribunal, and he doesn’t even try to fight Cara and Paulie on it. At the proving ground, Zach votes for Joss, but Cara and Paulie decide to send Jordan in. Jordan is an extremely strong player on team U.S., but since he’s working against them, Cara and Paulie want him out — and they know Theo is their best bet at making that happen.

The elimination requires Theo and Jordan to smash 12 massive nails with sledgehammers. Jordan works in construction, and he breezes through the challenge, eliminating Theo once and for all. However, before he reveals his decision about what team he wants to play on, Jordan has a surprise in store — he gets down on one knee and PROPOSES to Tori! She’s absolutely stunned, but of course, she happily accepts! Then, Jordan switches over to team U.K. with his fiancee. We’ll see what happens next when The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 continues on Nov. 13 at 9:00 p.m. on MTV.

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