‘RHONJ’s Dolores Catania Reveals Why She’s ‘Nervous’ To Watch Season 10

The season 10 premiere of 'RHONJ' is just 11 days away and cast member Dolores Catania reveals she's 'nervous' about watching it. There's a certain person joining the show that is a big reason behind her worries.

Dolores Catania
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Dolores Catania is admitting that she gets anxious when it comes to a new season of the Real Housewives of New Jersey airing, and its for a number of reasons when it comes to the upcoming season 10. “I’m nervous to watch every season play out. Because you have to understand, that we don’t really know…When you’re in the moment and you walk away, you don’t remember a lot of it. So to relive something like what happened to Margaret. It’s like, ‘Oh my God,'” she tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY in a new interview on our HollywoodLife Podcast. Dolores is referring to co-star Margaret Josephs, 52, having her pony tail violently pulled on by another cast member during a fight as seen in the season’s promo trailer.

This season Dolores’ boyfriend Dr. David Principe will be appearing on the Bravo show. “Or my boyfriend now, is filming. Everyone’s asking for David. Well now you have David. Now, you’re going to have opinions about David. And you girls, you younger girls, are going to be like, ‘Oh no’ I don’t know what you’re going to think. I don’t know,” she continues.

When it came to him filming, Dolores says, “I just told him that he had to do it. He’s a part of my life. The show is a part of my life, and it comes with the territory. So, you have to understand, David’s a doctor who hasn’t left the hospital in 25 years. Marge can tell you. He’s institutionalized actually,” Dolores jokes. “So now, all of a sudden, he’s dating someone, a housewife. David’s dating a housewife. He’s fine with the attention in the mall. He takes the pictures. But to be on film, he was extremely nervous, and a little socially awkward as it is.”

As viewers know, Dolores still lives under the same roof as her ex husband Frank, and it turns out he gets along great with David, who also lives with Dolores. “There’s a bromance going on, actually, in my house [between David and Frank],” she tells us as Margaret jumped in to add, “We call it the thruple. I call it the thruple. Minus the sex.” Dolores agrees, saying “The thruple, that’s a threesome without [the sex].”

“Nothing is taboo about us living together. Nothing’s sexual, like Frank, he’s hardly there. He enjoys when Frank’s home more than I. I have had more freedom. I’m never home. Listen, them two can hang out together all they want. They let my dogs out, they take out the garbage,” Dolores reveals. Frank now works as Dolores’ personal assistant and she tells us, “I thought I couldn’t live a day without him, and now he works for me. That’s number one. And then a guy who I am now dating, and I was like so into him when we had first met, and now I wake up and he’s bringing me my coffee. And I got them both under one roof. So I’m just saying.” Hey, whatever works!

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