‘BH90210’: Brian Austin Green Spills On A Season 2 Renewal & Tiffani Thiessen Joining The Cast

Wondering what will unfold in Season 2 of 'BH90210,' if the show is picked up for more episodes? Brian Austin Green gave HollywoodLife an idea of the plot line, potential new faces and more in an exclusive interview!

Brian Austin Green
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Brian Austin Green, 46, “can’t tease” if the BH90210 revival will be renewed for a second season, but he could hint at other details while speaking EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife! Brian was promoting PUBG MOBILE #Fight4TheAmazon campaign to benefit Global Green that Brian and his wife Megan Fox are involved in, and he also revealed where future BH90210 episodes would pick up after Season 1’s finale aired on Sept. 11. “So in Season Two, we’ll be in production of the reboot,” Brian told us. As a refresher, Brian and his co-stars — who played exaggerated versions of themselves — were trying to make a revival happen within the actual revival (just think of Inception).

“So the idea is that we’re actively shooting,” Brian continued, referring to Season 2’s plot line. “So there’s a lot more behind the scenes stuff, because there is behind the scenes. We’re actually on set. The original six [episodes] were about making the reboot and getting it sold in the process of getting it going. So now it’s about shooting it and ratings and all of that. So I think there’ll be a lot more behind the scenes in Season Two, if there is one.”

A new season also begs the question: will the revival add more cast members from later seasons of the original show, which aired between 1990-2000? HollywoodLife threw out the possibility of Tiffani Thiessen joining the revival, who stepped in after Shannen left the original show in 1994. It turns out the cast has already entertained the idea of bringing on the later generation of BH90210 stars that Tiffani belongs to! “It’s been just her and a couple of other people [that] have been discussed. But you know, it’s a tough situation because we were trying to make the original six of the original cast and Tiffani wasn’t in the original cast, Shannen was,” Brian explained. “At the point when Tiffani came in, we had all sorts of other people coming on. I mean once you bring her on, then you have Lindsay Price, Kathleen Robertson, you have all these different people. Daniel Cosgrove who needs to come in because they were as important to the show as she was at that point.”

BH90210 Cast
Brian Austin Green (far right) poses with his BH90210 co-stars (from left to right): Tori Spelling, Jason Priestley, Gabrielle Carteris, Ian Ziering and Jennie Garth. (Shutterstock)

However, the cast doesn’t want the revival to stray too far from its roots, Brian explained. “We’re really trying to stay as focused as we can on the original show and what was originally there. I think that’s really interesting for people,” he told HollwoodLife. “You know the little cameos that we did in the first six, I think were good, and I definitely think we’re open for more of those. But I think that might be the way to do it, if not bringing somebody back and you know, bringing them back for the show within the show.”

As for the possibility of actually seeing a second season happen, Brian believes it’ll boil down to two factors: “location and timing.” Now that the cast has families and established careers to worry about, we’ll just hope that the stars align for our favorite ’90s characters to reunite once again!

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