‘This Is Us’ Recap: Randall & Beth Face Major Tension With Malik’s Parents

Deja and Malik's day date got them both in trouble during the Nov. 5 episode of 'This Is Us.' Randall and Beth met Malik's parents and it didn't start off so well between them.

This Is Us
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Malik convinces Deja to skip school for the day. He wants to show her his Philly. Randall and Beth later find out about it and they are furious about Deja still seeing Malik. They decide to “ground her for a decade.” Randall and Beth decide to invite Malik’s parents over for dinner in hopes of getting on the same page about Deja and Malik splitting up. Beth begs Randall to have an open mind about Malik. But when Malik and his parents show up, Randall and Beth quickly realize they’ve brought Malik’s baby, too. Things get off to an awkward start right away.

Before dinner, Randall and Malik’s dad, Darnell, have a chat. Darnell says his son is a man of his word and is really sorry about skipping. Malik’s dad promises that it won’t happen again. Meanwhile, Kelly and Beth get off on the wrong foot. Kelly brings up Deja’s “baggage” and Beth gets offended. Beth fires back and offends Kelly as well.

When Beth goes back downstairs, she’s now certain that Deja and Malik should split up. How the tables have turned. During dinner, Janelle starts crying and Malik can’t seem to calm her down. The dinner only gets more uncomfortable when Annie says that Deja is basically Janelle’s “step-mom.” Beth tells the girls to go upstairs while the parents have some real talk.

Beth and Kelly don’t think that Deja and Malik should be dating. Beth and Randall soon realize that Deja has been sneaking around more than they thought. Randall says that Malik is too experienced for Deja and believes Malik could end up being a bad influence on Deja. Darnell steps up and tells Randall and Beth that they’re not going to write Malik off without really getting to know him first.

Deja walks into the room and apologizes for lying. However, she’s not sorry for having feelings for Malik nor is she sorry for skipping school. She calls her day out with him “the best day of my life.”

In the past, Jack is nervous about the dinner with Mr. Lawrence. Right off the bat, Jack appears to be intimidated by Mr. Lawrence and his connection with Randall. Jack begins to get a little pushy at dinner and Rebecca has to put Jack in his place. She tells him that Randall is always going to choose him over anyone else. But she doesn’t want Randall missing out on anything because Jack made him choose.

After dinner, Jack goes up to Mr. Lawrence before he leaves. Jack admits this wasn’t his finest night. He reveals that he feels like he’s letting Randall down because he can’t answer the complicated questions that his son has. Mr. Lawrence doesn’t think that’s the case. He gives Jack a copy of The Weary Blues by Langston Hughes for him to read. Mr. Lawrence knows that Jack’s impact on Randall will last far longer than his.

Randall and Beth decide that Deja can still see Malik but only under supervision. They want to get to know him. Deja admits that Malik makes her feel like herself. He feels like home. At the end of their day date, Malik and Deja kiss for the first time. This is the beginning of another beautiful love story on This Is Us.

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