‘Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant’: Kayla Breaks Her Pregnancy News To Her Mom — Watch

Kayla Sessler frets that her mom won't handle news of her second pregnancy 'well' in the upcoming episode of 'Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant,' which airs on Nov. 5. Indeed, the surprise blindsides Kayla's mom!

Kayla Sessler, 20, is still carrying baby No. 2 in the Nov. 5 episode of Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant, unbeknownst to her mom, Jaime Villacorta! The MTV star can no longer hide the truth, but since she doesn’t see her mom “as much since she moved out,” Kayla’s worried her mom is “not going to take the news [of her] pregnancy well.” In fact, Kayla is confident her mom’s reaction won’t be a positive one, as you can see in the EXCLUSIVE teaser of the upcoming episode above, obtained by HollywoodLife! However, Kayla won’t be the only surprised one on Tuesday night’s episode.

“I’m feeling really frustrated that I haven’t been able to tell my mom yet because I know she’s gonna be pissed, but I’m starting to feel like there’s never gonna be a perfect moment to tell her,” Kayla says in a confessional before having a chat with her mom on the couch. Before diving into the baby news, Jaime asks Kayla about Stephan, the father of her son Izaiah, 2, and Luke Davis III, who’s the father of the baby that Kayla’s mom still doesn’t know about. Well, that’s about to soon change.

“So do you remember when we all got really sick right after Thanksgiving?” Kayla asks her mom, abruptly changing the topic. She continues, “Did you know, hey, [if] you throw up within two hours of taking your birth control, that it’s not effective? Like if you take it and within two hours you throw up.” It doesn’t take long for her mom to put two and two together, because she quickly asks, “Are you pregnant?” Kayla confirms the surprise — 10 weeks pregnant, to be exact — and all Jaime can say is, “Oh my goodness.” This throws off Kayla, who thinks her mom’s calm reaction is “very weird,” but Jaime has one other thing to say. You can find out what that is by watching the rest of the clip above!

Kayla was blindsided herself after facing a positive pregnancy test in the Season 2 premiere of Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant, which aired on Oct. 22. These episodes were filmed awhile ago, though, since Kayla broke the news of her second pregnancy in Feb. 2019! Baby No. 2 — a sweet girl named Ariah Jordynn Davis — already entered the world on Aug. 16, and Kayla even celebrated Halloween as a happy family of four with her boyfriend Luke, Izaiah and Ariah. They adorably matched in a Lilo & Stitch group costume!

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