Britney Spears Shows Off Her Toned Abs While Filming Her Normal Weights & Yoga Routine — Watch

Watch and learn! Britney Spears revealed the workout routine that 'always' gets her 'going,' which you too can do with just a yoga mat and a pair of dumbbells.

Britney Spears
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So that’s where Britney Spears’ toned arms and abs come from! The 37-year-old pop sensation revealed another one of her fitness regimens to Instagram on Nov. 5, and unlike her 60-lap pool workout, this one’s a bit more doable. In the video, Britney works her biceps and triceps by doing multiple sets of lateral raises and front raises with a pair of lightweight dumbbells. She splits up the arm workout with yoga poses on a mat — we spied the downward dog! Britney did all this while working up a sweat in a tiny pair of polka-dotted pink shorts and a sports bra outside her home, one of her favorite places to be.

“Thank God for Mother Nature … she’s my best friend at the moment 😉😉… !!!!!!!!” Britney captioned Tuesday’s video, adding, “My normal yoga and weights routine always gets me going!!!!! Great day !!!!!!!” As one Instagram follower put it, Britney “INVENTED ATHLETICISM” — just look at those muscles!

Britney loves variety in her fitness routines, judging by her Instagram. In addition to swimming and dancing, Britney also hits the gym to work on her physique. The “Circus” singer filmed herself lifting the bar at the squat rack, as seen in a video that Britney shared on Oct. 16! The performer mixes cardiovascular activities with weightlifting, a healthy combination that has proven its effectiveness right on Britney’s tight midsection. Take notes!

Britney loves to show off her hard-earned muscles in a bikini, such as when she rocked a blue string bikini in a video that revealed her inner “goddess” on Oct. 29. We love seeing Britney happy, glowing and achieving her fitness goals. That included knocking off four pounds that she had been “wanting to lose,” which Britney proudly achieved in July of 2019 by eating certain fruits and vegetables.

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