‘L&HH: Hollywood’: Lyrica Goes On A Picnic With A1 & Looks Through His DMs

Lyrica's mom was not too pleased when she learned that her daughter and A1 had reconnected during the Nov. 4 episode of 'Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood'.

Lyrica Anderson
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Lyrica Anderson and A1 may be on a path towards reconciliation, but if he really wants to make it work for them in the long run, then he might want to hire an assistant ASAP. During the Nov. 4 episode of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, Lyrica agreed to go on a picnic with A1 and their son, Ocean, following everything that went down in Vegas. He presented her with some food from The Cheesecake Factory because their first date was at the restaurant. Plus, he revealed that he finally wants to “make things right” with Lyrica. But before she could even think about letting him do that, Lyrica wanted to test A1’s loyalty to her, so she asked him to unlock both of his phones and let her look through them. And she was shocked by what she had found.

“What the hell?” she asked. “The first thing I clicked on, I see a** and g-strings and a ‘hey, what’s up?'” But A1 said that was just him “trying to get somebody to make a [music] video”. A “twerk video?” she asked, to which he said, “Yeah, you know I do music.” But Lyrica still thought it seemed suspicious, so she urged A1 to hire an assistant who could send messages like that for him — that way, he’s not the one messaging random females via Instagram DMs. Then, Lyrica told A1 that she needs to “think about” coming home before doing so. So he asked her to do a “trial run” by leaving her stuff in storage and spending the night to test the waters. “Let me show you that I mean what I say,” he told her, and she seemed open to it.

Unfortunately for them, not everyone was on board with this plan. When Lyrica told her mom that she was considering giving A1 another chance, she freaked. She argued that they’re married and nothing should be a “trial run”. Lyrica’s mom also became even more upset, when she attended Lyrica’s rehearsal for a performance and saw A1 cussing out the sound guy. So she told A1 that he needs to straighten up in all aspects of his life, and he started by apologizing to the guy he screamed at. We suppose that’s progress, right?

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