Celeste Barber Reveals She ‘Dives A Bit Further’ Into Social Media Commentary On Stand-Up Special

Celeste Barber has taken her hysterical antics from Instagram to the stage in her new Showtime special!

After years of recreating Kim Kardashian and Emily Ratajkowski‘s half-naked Instagram pics, Celeste Barber’s comedy is now on our TV screens in her new Showtime special Celeste Barber: Challenge Accepted. The Australian comedienne spoke to HollywoodLife.com about the inspiration behind her stand-up special. “The second you take an inappropriate photo of yourself next to Kim Kardashian, everyone’s like ‘she’s everything,’ so I knew when I started it that it was funny… I just knew that I was willing to work and do the work and now me getting a special is pretty exciting,” she explained. The special, which was filmed at Gramercy Theater in New York City, aired on Showtime on Friday, Nov. 1, and is currently available now On Demand.

“New York City’s the best city in the whole wide world, and that’s why I wanted to do it here,” Celeste said of the decision to film the stand-up special at Gramercy Theater. “You’ve got to work harder in New York for your audiences. You guys are busy and you’re like ‘Come on, b*tch, get into it.’ And I’m like, ‘All right, here! I like working for it.” The comedienne added that she starts by telling her birth story that “makes people cringe” before laughing. “Most of my audience are women, which I love, because in comedy, that’s not really the case. Drunk mums are my jam, they’re my girls!” she added.

Celeste also revealed that while people know her from Instagram, she wanted to go deeper into the social media sphere for her stand-up special. “I wanted to do more commentary on social media than just doing it on social media,” she explained. “I wanted to put that in my stand-up show, and I talk about some of the photos that I do, but I also kind of dive a bit further into those and I get sent some pretty excellent private messages and I exploit those within an inch of their lives on my special.”

Be sure to catch the encore performances of Celeste Barber’s stand-up special on Showtime, or watch it now On Demand!

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