‘Marriage Boot Camp’: A Drowning Emergency Pushes The Families To The Edge

An emergency at 'Boot Camp', during the Nov. 1 episode of the WE tv series, left everyone panicking and crying for help.

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Image Credit: WE tv

Imagine watching a close family member drown right in front of you — that’s what the families experienced during the Nov. 1 episode of Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition. But fortunately for them, the drownings weren’t real. Both Dr. Ish and Dr. V set up fake scenarios, during which certain contestants were made to believe that one of their family members was drowning. Upon closer inspection, however, these contestants learned that the victims were nothing more than dummies that looked like their family members. It was an exercise to make everyone realize that tomorrow isn’t guaranteed, so no one should take advantage of their family, but not everyone appreciated the mock setup.

For example, former Real Housewives of Orange County star Alexis Bellino criticized the doctors for trying to make her believe that her mom had drowned. “Why would you do that?” she cried. But that’s the exact emotion they were hoping to illicit from each contestant — the point that time is valuable to everyone. However, not everyone was rocked by the exercise. Corey Feldman actually made a joke of it after he was made to believe that his brother had drowned. He barely showed any emotion and sarcastically said he “hates” when “dummies drown”. But maybe it was because earlier in the episode, Corey’s brother interrupted the “intimate time” he was trying to have with his wife in their bedroom. Oops.

Sadly, the activity also caused some resentment to resurface, forcing some families to face past hurts. For instance, Basketball Wives star Laura Govan fought with her dad over a time she was sexually assaulted. To this day, he still doesn’t believe it happened, even though she has said numerous times that it did, and that really infuriates her. Not cool, Michael — not cool.

Want more drama? News episodes of Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition air Fridays at 10pm on WE tv.

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