Lizzo Literally Twerks In Monster’s Face To Survive Terrifying Haunted House On ‘Ellen’ — WATCH

Lizzo was ready to go for the annual Ellen DeGeneres haunted house tour! The singer went through the Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights house and it was wild and hilarious.

She took a DNA test and turns out, Lizzo, 31, was 100% ready for this haunted house — sort of. The “Truth Hurts” hitmaker and Ellen executive producer Andy Lassner were sent by Ellen DeGeneres, 61, to yet another haunted house for her annual Halloween tour and Lizzo was, at first, totally game. “We’re about to rock this b**ch,” Lizzo proclaimed with her hands on her hips. “I’m 100% that scary a** b**ch,” she continued, while Andy reiterated everything she said. That is, until a ghoul from the haunted house came up to scare them! Before long, they headed into the horror house and more terrors ensued!

Andy and Lizzo’s brave faces quickly disappeared. In fact, Lizzo and Andy crouched to the ground at one point tightly embracing each other amid the spooks! As they walked through the house, a werewolf and ghoul surprised both of them and would not let up when it came to terrifying the pair. In an effort to get away, Lizzo literally started twerking in the werewolf’s face, yelling “Get yo a** out the way,” over and over again!

As the spooks got worse, the “Soulmate” songstress began to run without Andy, screaming back to the executive producer, “I’m out!” But the scares stopped Lizzo in her tracks and when Andy caught up, he chastised her, saying, “You gotta wait for me!” The duo continued to run through the hallways and turns, dodging ghouls and creatures alike until they finally made it to the end…or so they thought. As soon as Lizzo ran out of the house, a character decked in a spooky mask chased her, causing the singer to trip on the concrete! “Why they gotta end it like that,” she asked. Honestly, we’d like to know too.

Ellen loves to spook Andy and her celebrity guests. During her Halloween episode, the daytime talkshow host shared a video with her audience featuring Andy and Tiffany Haddish, 39, touring the Us-inspired haunted house at Universal Studios. The results of that tour were totally priceless, and the Girls Trip star was completely caught off guard and fully frightened throughout the journey to escape the house! The bit has become an annual event for Ellen, and fans cannot wait to see the hilarious results of her next haunted house tour!

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