Tiffany Haddish Screams & Curses Throughout Ellen DeGeneres’ Annual Haunted House Tour – Watch

Ellen DeGeneres sent Tiffany Haddish to tour the Universal Studios Hollywood 'Us' house and the result was priceless!

Ellen DeGeneres, 61, loves to scare her guests, but she really enjoys sending her executive producer, Andy Lassner, through a haunted house every Halloween with a special celebrity guest. This year, the Ellen host sent Andy and Tiffany Haddish, 39, on a terrifying tour of Universal Studios Hollywood’s Us themed haunted house. “I’m not feeling a hundred percent,” Tiffany confessed before she and Andy ventured through the house. “She’s already jumpy, which isn’t helping me,” Andy shared to the camera before Tiffany blurted that she was just “protecting” herself.

Unfortunately for Tiffany and Andy, there was a lot the duo had to protect themselves from! As they ventured into the haunted house the scares started right away. Andy, of course, tried to play everything cool. At one point, he even told Tiffany a display of four red-suited figures wasn’t “real.” But Tiffany was on edge. “That’s a person,” the Girls Trip star shrieked before one of the masked actors terrified the duo. In her shock and horror, Tiffany dropped a few colorful words, even yelling, “I told your mother******* ass!”

From that point on, Tiffany and Andy were a bundle of nerves walking through the horrifying display. Eventually, the pair tripped backward while screaming as another character ran towards them with a baseball bat! When the camera finally found the terrified twosome, Andy was crouched behind Tiffany, telling her, “Tell me when it’s over.” Even when Tiffany and Andy thought they were safe and could catch their breath, more characters jumped out of corners, gold scissors in hand, ready to frighten the pair. “We are on a break,” Andy yelled to the spooky performer at one point. After running through more rooms and enduring more scares, the brave duo finally emerged outside, with Tiffany adding that she would be “praying” for the people inside.

The horrifying spectacle recreated scenes and characters from Jordan Peele‘s horror movie Us, which came out in March 2019. The film stars Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o and Black Panther‘s Winston Duke as two parents who take their kids to the beach on a family vacation. But things take a turn for the terrifying — and deadly. One night, the family notices four figures standing in their driveway and come to find that it’s their doppelgängers. The rest of the film sees them running through the beach town and trying to survive the night. If the movie wasn’t scary enough, it more than made for a horrifying experience for Andy and Tiffany to survive!

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