‘Teen Mom 2’ Recap: Kailyn Lowry’s Ex Chris Lopez Threatens To Spit On MTV’s Cameras

Kailyn Lowry celebrated Lux's birthday during the Oct. 29 episode of 'Teen Mom 2', but her ex, Chris Lopez, wasn't too thrilled to hear that it'd be filmed for the show.

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Last year, Chris Lopez wouldn’t allow Kailyn Lowry to film their son, Lux‘s, birthday party for Teen Mom 2. But this year, he was okay with it — as long as the cameras didn’t film him. Initially, when Kailyn and Chris agreed to let MTV film the birthday party, Chris said he’d stay away and throw a second birthday party for Lux on his own, so that he wouldn’t have to be on camera. But when Chris’ aunt arrived to the party Kailyn was throwing for Lux, she said that Chris seemed sad about not being there. So Kailyn invited him and promised him that MTV wouldn’t film him. However, Chris didn’t fully trust that they’d listen, so he told Kailyn to tell her producers that if they filmed him, he’d spit at their cameras. Um… okay. Anyway, Chris did end up showing up, and he wasn’t filmed, so all went according to plan. Isn’t it a little sketchy, though, that this man doesn’t ever want to be filmed?

Meanwhile, Jade‘s relationship with her mom continued to deteriorate. Jade’s mom asked if they could go out to dinner one night, and Jade knew she’d have to pay the bill so she said no. Then, Jade’s mom suggested that she just come over to Jade’s house and have dinner there, so Jade agreed. But when Jade’s mom was already over an hour late for their dinner date, Jade called and cancelled the whole thing. They started screaming at each other, and Jade cried about how she doesn’t feel like she has a normal mom and dad like everyone else.

Later, things for Briana and John crumbled when she visited him in NY. She actually didn’t even want to go to NY, but he insisted she come so that she could meet his family. And because she felt so overwhelmed, she demanded that John never leave her alone with his family. He thought it was weird, but he said he’d do that for her. However, later at the party, he was playing with his family in the pool and Briana was on the edge sitting alone. She later told him that he didn’t seem too excited about her being there and she felt forced into coming.

As for Leah, she was frustrated wth Jeremy for skipping out on joining her in Hawaii, but she couldn’t worry too much about it because she had her hands full with Ali this week. Ali was heading to a camp for children with muscular dystrophy, so Leah and Corey spent most of the hour getting her ready and hyping her up for it.

And Chelsea took Aubree to her first day of fourth grade!

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