‘RHOC’ Recap: Kelly Dodd Skips Vicki Gunvalson’s Birthday Party & Reignites Their Feud

Vicki Gunvalson burst into tears during the Oct. 29 episode of 'RHOC', after she found out that Kelly Dodd said she'd rather celebrate Vicki's funeral than her birthday.

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With Vicki Gunvalson and Kelly Dodd‘s feud seemingly behind them, Tamra Judge thought it’d be a great idea to invite Kelly to Vicki’s tea party-themed birthday party. But she was sorely mistaken. When Tamra called Kelly to invite her to the party, during the Oct. 29 episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Kelly said she couldn’t attend because she was heading up to LA to return some dresses she had purchased. Plus, she said she’d rather attend Vicki’s funeral, than go to her birthday party. Even though Kelly had forgiven Vicki for everything she had done to her, Kelly said that it didn’t mean she was in the mood to buy her a birthday gift or celebrate her life.

So Kelly didn’t go to the party, but that doesn’t mean her presence wasn’t felt. New rumors about Kelly actually had the ladies up in arms at Vicki’s party, as Tamra said she had heard that Kelly was recently in a bar fight. According to what she had heard, Kelly and her boyfriend got into a fight and it may or may not have lead to their breakup. However, when Tamra mentioned it, Braunwyn sort of tried defending Kelly, but the story she heard was a bit different from the one Tamra was telling. And by the end of the episode, Kelly was cuddling with her boyfriend and laughing about how all the ladies were talking about her at Vicki’s party. He said it’s normal for couples to breakup and get back together, but we beg to differ.

And speaking of Vicki’s tea party, Gina and Braunwyn got into an argument there, when Braunwyn kept acting like a snob. Not only was she constantly picky with what she ordered, but she also shaded Gina for sending her kids to a public school. Anyway, they eventually agreed to disagree and move on from the situation, but the drama continued when on the car ride home, Tamra “let it slip” to Vicki that Kelly had said she wished she were dead. And Vicki burst into tears, saying no one in her life had ever said that to her before. So much for their feud being over…

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