Evan Rachel Wood Shades Paris Hilton For Calling Millie Bobby Brown, 15, ‘Hot’

Evan Rachel Wood came for Paris Hilton after she called a photo of Millie Bobby Brown in a tight dress 'hot.' The former 'Westworld' star reminded the heiress that Millie's only 15-years-old.

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Fans thought Paris Hilton was either being cheeky or creepy when she commented “That’s hot” next to two Instagram photos 15-year-old Millie Bobbie Brown posted to her Intagram on Oct. 29. Count actress Evan Rachel Wood in the latter camp. In one photo the Stranger Things star posed showing off a low-cut animal print mini-dress with spaghetti straps. The second photo was a selfie where she’s seen from the waist up making duck lips in the pic. “♡same dress but v different day♡,” Mille captioned the pic, with fans making comments about how she’s “precious,” an “angel” and “gorgeous.” But Evan 31, was creeped out by Paris using her catchphrase on an underage girl, writing “She’s 15” under Paris’s comment that Millie was “hot.”

Fans were split with some praising Evan for pointing out that calling a 15-year-old “hot” could be seen as inappropriate. User izkellyxo wrote, “@evanrachelwood god bless you,” while bjorn.saemundarson told her, “@evanrachelwood man, you are fantastic!” User proffessaa agreed with Evan’s observation, writing “@evanrachelwood same here sister.”

Other fans on their own were offended by the comment, with patchestagram telling the heiress, “@parishilton she… is…. 15!!!!!!!” and taraistrash writing, “@parishilton she’s a child.” But those old enough to remember the 38-year-old’s mid-aughts reality show The Simple Life jumped in to Paris’ defense that it was just her catchphrase.

User its._.alaina wrote”@evanrachelwood that’s just Paris Hilton’s ‘thing’ she just says that’s hot’ to things she likes…it’s her thing😂,” while lyndonwadee told the actress, “@evanrachelwood that’s literally Paris’s patent term.” rosy.waters wrote, “why are all u guys taking the comment so seriously? That’s literally her catch phrase for something that is iconic.”

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♡same dress but v different day♡

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official_happiegh added “It would be creepy if a older man said it just to say it. But there are circumstances like this where it’s not, and its meant to be a humorous compliment. You clearly aren’t a fan of Paris Hilton but if you were you would get the joke.” technthings wrote, “I’m sure she doesn’t mean it in a creepy way, just because someone compliments someones looks doesn’t mean they are a creep or a perv……….” Meanhile user xhjoey pointed out, “why’s everyone attacking? That’s literally how Paris talks…. I’m pretty sure she’s talking about the dress, the fashion. Why’s a supporter getting hate 🤢😴”


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