BTS Fans Say Goodbye To ‘Love Yourself’ Era With Sweet Tributes After ‘Speak Yourself’ Tour Ends

BTS encouraged us to 'love yourself,' and now ARMYs are returning the favor. After the k-pop kings wrapped their final 'Speak Yourself' tour show, their fans took to Twitter to thank them for their hard work and beautiful music.

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Image Credit: Dymond/Thames/Syco/Shutterstock

It’s the end of an era. BTS just came home to South Korea and performed the very last show of their Speak Yourself tour on October 29, and their loyal ARMYs are downright emotional. I mean, it’s hard not to be! Our boys with luv put on yet another remarkable concert, this time at the Olympic Stadium in Seoul, where thousands of fans cheered them on as they went through their biggest hits, and plenty of their lesser known tracks that drove the crowd to cheers, screams, and tears. Luckily, the ARMYs captured the show through videos and photos on Twitter. And even better? They paid tribute to the seven Bangtan Boys with sweet tributes, thanking them for just being who they are every day.

“Thank you BTS for teaching me how to love and appreciate myself,” one beautiful ARMY tweeted after the tour’s final show. “we’re all glad that @BTS_twt shared with us their good and bad times as much as they could we appreciate their hard work and their thought of sharing this great experience with us. thank you, we’ll always be there for you. #ThankYouBTS #SpeakYourselfTheFinal_D3,” tweeted another ARMY. How sweet is that?? Other fans chimed in with, “Thank you BTS. I really hope there will be better word for love so that I can call you that,” and “Such a great era, great ending, memorable SY final. You deserve everything @BTS_twt YOU DESERVE EVERYTHING! WE PURPLE YOU! #SpeakYourselfTheFinal_D3″.

We’re totally with this particular ARMY who expressed a simple plea: “Thank you @BTS_twt!!  But please please, can we stop them from growing older… Can we freeze their age? We wanna have hundred of years more of BTS”. Hard agree. We purple you, Jungkook, Jin, RM, Suga, V, Jimin, and J-Hope!

This obviously isn’t the end of BTS! The guys just got back from their brief, mid-tour hiatus, and they’re jumping right back into working their butts off after getting a little R&R. They confirmed at the very end of the October 29 show that a new album is coming soon!!

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