Jon Gosselin Claims Kate Makes It Hard For Collin & Hannah To See Siblings: ‘There Are Roadblocks’

Jon Gosselin shared EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife how his ex-wife, Kate Gosselin, makes it difficult for him to see his six other children, while revealing that he wants his kids to 'have their own life.'

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Jon Gosselin, 42, isn’t holding back when it comes to his ex-wife Kate Gosselin, 44. The former Jon & Kate Plus 8 star revealed that it is difficult for his children, Hannah and Collin, both 15, to maintain a relationship with their six other siblings — AlexisAadenJoel and Leah, also 15, and Mady and Cara, 19. Collin and Hannah currently live with Jon, while their siblings live with Kate. Consequently, Jon blamed Kate for a lot of the distance between their children, saying, “there are roadblocks from their mother for my children to see them. But as long as the kids are all happy, I am cool with that. I’ll be able to live my life as long as they are all OK,” he shared EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife on Oct. 25 at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino while attending Victoria’s Voice – An Evening To Save Lives.

When it comes to seeing Alexis, Aaden, Joel, Leah, Mady and Cara, Jon revealed he is also in the same situation as Hannah and Collin. The former reality star revealed that his other children “can make those decisions” if they want to see him. “I want to keep some of that separate. I want them to have their own life and I don’t want to get in their way and talk about them to the press too much,” he continued. Jon hasn’t budged when it comes to filming with his family and he doesn’t plan to appear on camera any time soon. “I am still in court with her about it, something I actually won but I am not going to film,” he said. “It is just not going to happen.”

Jon and Kate’s relationship has gotten incredibly tense since their separation in 2009. Jon revealed on October 10 that he was “absolutely furious” about Kate filming their kids once again for the “College Bound” special episode of the series Kate Plus 8. The outcome was especially frustrating for Jon, as the Department of Labor reportedly “denied filming permits” and “a judge also ruled that it was not in the ‘best interests’ of the Gosselin children to allow them to be filmed for the show” in 2018.

He even revealed how much he has been struggling to try and navigate the world for his kids after they’ve been in the spotlight. “I think it’s harder to teach my kids that they’re celebrities because they don’t see it as much anymore because they aren’t that much on TV, at least the two that live with me [Collin and Hannah],” he continued. “I think it’s harder to tell them, ‘You can’t really do this because this and there’s like a butterfly effect’…but that’s up to you because those are your life choices, right?” For Jon, having had his kids filmed was “my burden and I feel, you know, like I’m living with that now.”

Of course, filming wasn’t the only issue Jon had with his estranged ex-wife. He also accused Kate of “abusing” their children in September 2019. The claim stemmed from the former couple’s son, Collin being moved to Fairmount Behavioral Health institute in Philadelphia, PA. Collin was moved to the facility at age 11 and stayed there for roughly three and half years, merely from dealing with ADHD. Jon had no idea his son had been moved until after the fact. At the time, Kate had full legal custody of all of their children.

Following the ordeal, Collin made the decision to live with his dad full-time, along with his sister, Hannah, who Jon said “had enough” of living with her mother. But now, Jon is focusing on giving Collin and Hannah a “normal childhood” and trusting them all the way. “You have to trust your kids, what you instilled in them. You don’t have to hover. You have to trust that they’re educated and that they will do right. And what ever happens, happens,” he shared. “It can’t be so general and simple, it’s difficult. It’s hard to be a parent.”

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