SNL: Jason Momoa Appears On Chance The Rapper’s ‘Judge Barry’ As Shirtless Guilty Nurse

Jason Momoa's 'Apollo' -- a.k.a. the stealing nurse -- ripped open his shirt to reveal pierced nipples in this EPIC cameo!

Jason Momoa
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Image Credit: NBC

Chance the Rapper‘s Judge Barry takes “no more than 10 seconds” to reach a verdict in his court TV show, and one case in particular brought all the laughs. “Gladys Feldman is suing her former live-in nurse Apollo Benz for stolen cash,” the voiceover read as none other than Jason Momoa walked into the courtroom! Appearing as the potential thief, the 6’4″ Hawaiian actor sashayed up to the podium in silky animal print blouse.

“Now listen your hombre, I see the way you’re looking at me right now — and I know what you’re thinking,” Jason explained, as an elderly woman — Gladys — sat on the opposite side of the courtroom. “That you bang old ladies and then steal their money?” Chance as Judge Barry inquired. “That may be so — but I’m not some dumb gigolo. I’m a certified parapaleg–legal, so I understand the law,” he insisted, even though he had trouble remember what, exactly, he was certified for. “Your honor, this man is a thief,” Gladys interrupted, as Jason’s Apollo (really the perfect name for this character) exclaimed, “Excuse me, she stole from me first!”

“What did she steal?” Chance’s Barry wanted to know — and the answer definitely wasn’t what the courtroom was expecting. “My heart,” Jason’s Apollo dramatically revealed, as Gladys didn’t deny the two had a relationship beyond patient/nurse! “You know what, you gave me the biggest and best O’s of my love — but I still want my money. And my chandelier earrings, they’ve been in my family for generations,” she insisted. “Wait, these? They were a gift!” Apollo insisted as he ripped open his shirt to reveal he was wearing her earrings as nipple rings! Yup, he even shook them around to give us a good look — yikes!

Chance kept us laughing out loud all night and it looked like he was having a great time hosting! The rapper has been a longtime fan of the show, and considered appearing on SNL a “lifelong” goal. “WHOS HAPPY FOR ME🚨 I’m accomplishing a life long goal, THANK YOU JESUS!,” he captioned a promo video on his Instagram account on Oct. 22. “#DOUBLEDUTY THIS IS CRAZY I LITERALLY GREW UP ON THIS SHOW #SNL @nbcsnl THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I brought my daughter the first time I did SNL and it was her first flight and now I’m bringing Marli and its her first flight. IM SO GRATEFUL YEESH.” Chance and his wife Kirsten Corley, 25, welcomed their first daughter Kensli Benett, 4, in 2015 and the newly married couple welcomed their second daughter in September — congrats! 

Chance previously pulled double duty in Nov. 2017 — making this his second time hosting — but performed for the first time on the show back in 2016. As for Jason, he previously hosted SNL in December to promote his film Aquaman and fans are eagerly anticipating the debut of his drama See on Apple TV+ Nov. 1!

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