‘Marriage Boot Camp’ Recap: Ex-‘RHOC’ Star Alexis Bellino Screams At Her Mom

Former 'RHOC' star Alexis Bellino told her mom, 'I'm not taking care of you anymore', during this week's explosive episode of 'Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition'.

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Image Credit: WeTV/Youtube

Alexis Bellino clapped back at her mom, Penelope, during the Oct. 25 episode of Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition, when the former Real Housewives of Orange County star told the woman that birthed her that she was done “taking care” of her. When Alexis approached her mom with a postcard, Penelope asked if she had a postcard for her, too, and that’s when Alexis lashed out. “Mom, you’re your own person, I’m not taking care of you anymore,” the former Bravo star said. “Go get your postcard.”

And after her mom said, “You’re not listening to me…all i wanted to know if you already had it”, Alexis continued, “I’m not taking care of you anymore. I’m not gonna carry your postcard anymore. Go get your postcard because you always think I’m taking care of you. Get your postcard and write it down yourself.” Then, when Penelope sarcastically said, “Maybe it’s working, huh”, Alexis stormed down the stairs and away from her.

Later, however, they met back up in their room, and the arguing continued. Penelope just wanted some clarification as to why Alexis was so upset. “Because you always ask me to do everything,” Alexis said, but Penelope disagreed — “I’ve never asked you to do anything”, she said.

Then, during a private confessional, Alexis further explained, “No one cared about me and about what my situation is and about what I’ve gone through in my life. So it’s all really about my mom”. As for Penelope, she said she’s “not gonna talk to Lexi anymore” regarding her issues “because she doesn’t get it”.

Finally Alexis declared, “I’m not doing a freaking thing for you again. You are taking care of yourself. I’m done.” Wow.

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