Rihanna Reunites With Drake At His Bday Party 1.5 Years After Saying They ‘Don’t Have A Friendship’

Drake celebrated his birthday in L.A. on Oct. 21, and there was a very special guest in attendance -- Rihanna! The pair reportedly acted friendly at the event, despite RiRi previously revealing that they'd had a falling out.

Rihanna, 31, showed up in a very unexpected place on Monday, Oct. 21 — Drake’s 36th birthday party at Poppy nightclub in Los Angeles! The rapper’s birthday isn’t actually until Oct. 24, but he celebrated early, and his famous ex was one of the guests. “Rihanna made an appearance and stayed for several hours,” E! News reports. “She was with two girlfriends and was escorted to Drake’s table my security. Her and Drake were talking or a while and were smiling and laughing. It seemed like a very pleasant interaction and they looked like they were having fun together as friends.”

This sighting is pretty surprising, considering it was just a year and a half ago that Rihanna opened up about her falling out with Drake. “We don’t have a friendship now,” Rihanna told Vogue in May 2018. “But we’re not enemies either. It is what it is.” Rihanna and Drake have been romantically linked many times over the years, but their most recent relationship was in the summer of 2016. Although they never confirmed that they were an item, they were spotted together quite often that summer, and in August, Drake presented Rihanna with the MTV Video Vanguard Award at the VMAs.

In his speech, he showered Rihanna with compliments and absolutely gushed over her. She later admitted that it made her feel “uncomfortable” because she “doesn’t like too many compliments,” but at the time, she had a huge smile on her face as she graciously accepted the award. Unfortunately, just a few weeks later, the relationship fizzled out, and it appears that Rihanna and Drake had to spend some time apart before getting back to a place where they can be friends again, like they are now.

Fans shouldn’t expect anything romantic to happen between the two, though. After all, Rihanna has been in a pretty serious relationship with Hassan Jameel for more than two years now. “I’m actually in an exclusive relationship for quite some time,” Rihanna told Vogue in early October. “It’s going really well, so I’m happy.” Aw!

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