‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’ Season 2 Premiere: [SPOILER] Finds Out She’s Pregnant Again

Season 2 of 'Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant' started off with Ashley getting back on track with school, while Kayla put her studies on hold so she could take care of Izaiah.

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They’re back! The girls of Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant kicked off a second season of the MTV series on Oct. 22, when major decisions about school, careers, and relationships were made. To start, Kayla discovered that she’s pregnant again, and it couldn’t have come at a worse time in her life. Her boyfriend of six months, Luke, is currently in the midst of picking a school he’d like to go to — one that’s potentially going to be out of state — so we can’t imagine a second child will make their move and readjustment any easier. Luke had invited Kayla and her son, Izaiah, to come with him, and she seemed open to it — especially after she considered dropping out of her own school — but in the final seconds of tonight’s premiere, she privately learned she’s expecting again. Will this put a damper on their plans? Only time will tell.

Meanwhile, Ashley got back on track with school so she could become a medical assistant and set bigger goals for herself. However, she still seems interested in reuniting with Bar, as she invited him to attend Holly‘s christening. Bar still hasn’t seen Ashley’s family since he got physical with her last season, but Ashley doesn’t think he should be kept away from the christening and she’s hoping that everyone gets along. She also expressed interest in moving back in with Bar in a few months, but he hasn’t yet been achieving the goals she set out for him, like getting his GED.

Later, Brianna struggled to find a regular babysitter for her son, while she juggled two part-time jobs to help her family stay afloat financially. Fortunately, after talking to a few people at work, she found a woman that she could afford and hired her right away. But Brianna was also feeling depressed lately, and wanted to reconnect with Danae after seeing that he got his top surgery. Essentially, she still wanted an apology from him for the drama she endured during their relationship, but when she called him, he wasn’t receptive, so it wasn’t worth her time in the end. She told her sister that she’ll still continue to follow Danae on social media, but she won’t be contacting him ever again.

Plus, after Lexi and Jade left the show last season, two new girls joined the mix for Season 2 — Kiaya and Rachel. Kiaya has a girlfriend named Teazha, but they briefly split up after Kiaya found out Teazha was cheating on her, and Kiaya became pregnant by a guy she was hooking up with. That relationship didn’t work out, so Kiaya and Teazha got back together, but they’re still struggling with trust and jealousy issues. And Kiaya’s baby daddy’s mom basically hates her. As for Rachel, she had a boyfriend, but then cheated on him with his best friend, and now one of those two guys is her baby’s daddy. Welcome to teen pregnancy!

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