‘Teen Mom 2’: Leah’s Daughter Gracie Reveals Shocking Feelings About Jeremy

While on vacation in Hawaii, during the Oct. 22 episode of 'Teen Mom 2', Leah's daughters shared their mixed feelings about her potentially rekindling her romance with Jeremy.

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Did Jeremy go to Hawaii to meet Leah and her daughters, during the Oct. 22 episode of Teen Mom 2? Not quite — she had invited him, but in the end, he told her that he couldn’t make it. So Leah enjoyed her alone time with her mom and her daughters, but that doesn’t mean Jeremy wasn’t a part of the equation. While Jeremy wasn’t in Hawaii physically, the girls talked about him quite a bit, and not everyone seems to be a fan of Leah getting back together with him. Addie is obviously over the moon about it, and gets excited every time she thinks her mom is texting her dad, but when it comes to Gracie — one of Leah’s twins with ex Corey Simms — it’s a different story. Gracie told Leah that she doesn’t like Jeremy and doesn’t understand why they might be getting back together. Leah told Gracie that currently, nothing’s going on between them, but fans know otherwise. Just last week, Leah admitted to spending the night with Jeremy, and when he called her this week while she was in Hawaii, she caught him daydreaming about having sex with her. So something is definitely going on, we just hope Leah and Jeremy figure out what it is soon.

Meanwhile, Briana celebrated Stella‘s second birthday and left DeVoin off the guest list. Obviously, he’s only Nova’s dad, but Briana’s mom thought she still should have invited DeVoin. And Briana told Nova that she could have invited him, but Briana’s mom wanted her to invite him. Instead, she just remained focused on John, who was visiting from New York. Luis, on the other hand, was nowhere to be seen, as he never answered Briana’s mom’s text, asking him to come.

Later, Jade became worried that her mom was slipping into old habits again, after she took Kloie for the night and then disappeared. Jade’s mom’s phone was dead, and Jade couldn’t get a hold in touch with her. When they finally did reconnect, Jade yelled at her mom and told her to never let it happen again. But Jade, of course, is worrying that it will.

Lastly, Chelsea started a new clothing line with a local boutique and Kailyn revealed that she got a surprise visit from Chris Lopez while in Hawaii.

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