‘BH90210’: Jennie Garth & Tori Spelling Dish On The Chances For Second Season

Jennie and Tori spilled on the next season of 'BH90210' and who they would want to see back to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY in Los Angeles on Oct. 17.

Jennie Garth & Tori Spelling
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BH90210 wrapped its six-episode run on Sept. 11 and super fans are already begging for more! “We have lots of plans for season two,” Tori Spelling, 46, dished to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY at Much Love Animal Rescue’s 3rd Spoken Woof Benefit on Oct. 17. “There’s no official word yet, but we know the fans would love it. We would all love to do it together again. We had the best time and we have so many stories to tell. It’d be so much fun!” Tori co-created the unique spin-off with Jennie Garth, 47, which saw the cast members play ‘heightened versions’ of themselves — similar to her VH1 series, So NoTORIous.

“We’ve had some conversations about [BH90210 season 2]. Very positive. But we’re just weighing it all out and thinking about it,” Jennie revealed, adding that she had some hesitations. “I just would want it to be better than the first season. We talked about how to achieve that and what are some ideas for storylines. So we’re looking forward to it if it should happen.” Though Jennie didn’t reveal what storylines they had in mind, Tori revealed that they “want season two to be more of a blend of our original characters from Beverly Hills, 90210. So it’ll be like back and forth, more than the first season…before it was like the remaking of the reboot and this season will be actually shooting the reboot so they’ll get to see the characters more.”

The series followed the characters — including Shannen Doherty, Ian Ziering, Jason PriestleyBrian Austin Green, and Gabrielle Carteris — on an adventure to re-boot the teen drama that shot them to stardom. In the storyline, the series ended with the group getting a green light on one condition: the network can only afford to pay six of the seven actors. Some fans speculated this was due to Shannen not wanting to stay on board, but Jennie and Tori quickly shut down those rumors. “We would all want to do another season for sure,” Tori confirmed, alluding that her storyline has nothing to do with the off-screen negotiations. “[Shannen] is totally on board. She’s so fun.”

Beyond the core seven, season two could see an even bigger reunion for the cast. “We plan to bring so many people back. We would love to do it. Personally, as a girl, like I loved working with Lindsay Price and Kathleen Robertson,” Tori teased. “Those are my girls, Jennie and I would love them to come back!”

The show brought the group together at an unexpectedly sad time, as news of Luke Perry‘s tragic death broke shortly before BH90210 began shooting. Luke iconically portrayed bad boy Dylan McKay in the original series, and later became known to a new audience as Archie’s dad Fred on Riverdale. The CW series recently paid tribute to the actor, but Jennie and Tori have yet to see the emotional episode. “I heard it’s a tearjerker,” Jennie admitted, while Tori explained that it’s “been hard” for her. “I always watch Riverdale with my kids [but] I have not seen the episode yet…I have it on my DVR.”

Beyond their close friendship and work in the 90210 universe, both women share a passion for rescue dogs which brought them out for the benefit event. “Dogs are my best friend. I’d rather hang out with a dog than most people I know. I’m just happy to be here and support them,” Jennie gushed. “I recently just got my first rescue dog and he’s just changed my life. He’s so devoted and loving and he would’ve been killed and I just can’t even imagine that for him. Every time I look at his cuteness.”

Tori also has a deep connection with the cause, and has been advocate for years. “I got acquainted with the whole rescue organization industry of it all 20 years ago through [a friend]…So I started with Much Love then and I’ve been working with them for almost 20 years,” Tori revealed. “All my dogs have been through Much Love, and my first dog with Much Love is still alive. He’s 19 years old, that’s how long I’ve been with Much Love. He was a foster at first. I said, you know what? I don’t know much about foster work. I’ll try it. And then we’ve been together ever since. He’s seen me through every decade of my life, basically.”

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