‘KUWTK’: Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Renew Their Vows On 5th Wedding Anniversary

Just weeks after the birth of their fourth child, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West celebrate their fifth anniversary with a sweet vow renewal on the Oct. 20 episode of 'KUWTK.'

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s son, Psalm West, finally arrives on the Oct. 20 episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians! “Our surrogate is so amazing,” Kim says. “She has the easiest delivery. She pushed maybe one time. Kourtney [Kardsahian] and Kanye were both in the room with me. We were just staring at him and holding him. Psalm West. He’s six and a half puonds, he’s so cute. I feel complete. I really do feel like four is the perfect number for me. I feel so full in the best way, but I’m done.”

Just weeks after Psalm’s birth, though, Kim and Kanye have another milestone to celebrate — their five year wedding anniversary! Kim wants to do something special for her husband, and she comes up with the idea of having a vow renewal. “Even though the baby just got here and we’re adjusting to being a family of six now, we have our five year wedding anniversary coming up, which is just so crazy to think — four kids in five years,” Kim says. “I just want to plan something special and take charge of this, so I thought he’s just do something fun and sweet in our backyard and make more of a memory. Five years and infinity to go!”

Kim’s plan almost falls apart when she walks in on Kanye meeting with an event planner…and coming up with an idea of his own for the big anniversary. “I was so excited to plan something that was what I thought of, but he’s meeting with these party planners, talking about this anniversary dinner he’s planning, so I start second guessing myself thinking like…should I let him plan it? Do I say something? What’s going on?” Kim admits. “Maybe I should just not break tradition and let him do his thing because he likes to do that so much. I really don’t know what to do.”

In the end, though, Kim decides that Kanye deserves something special because of how supportive he’s been since Psalm’s birth. “Kanye knows I’ve had such anxiety with everything happening in my life, and he’s stepped up so much and has been the most amazing dad,” Kim explains. “He’s playing all the games with the kids and things like that, so I really want to move forward and plan the vow renewal and I’m going to let him know I’m going to do this.”

The day finally arrives, and although Kanye is aware that a vow renewal ceremony is happening, Kim still has other surprises up her sleeve. She flies in Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr., who married the couple at their 2014 wedding in Italy, and even writes her own vows, which is something she didn’t do the first time around. “Kanye always talks about how at our wedding we had really traditional vows,” Kim says. “And I’m sure he thought we should write our own vows, but at the time, in front of all those people, I didn’t even think I could get it together to say original vows.” This time, though, it’s a much smaller ceremony, with just the family in attendance.

Unfortunately, viewers won’t get to see exactly what Kim said. “We’re not going to show the actual vows,” she explains. “We wanted to keep them really personal and it’s really private for us.” However, Kim does tease up a bit of what she said while practicing before the ceremony: “You are my husband. You are my best friend. My biggest believer and my one true love.”

In the end, Kim is proud of what she put together. “The ceremony was really sweet,” she concludes. “It was overall such a good night and a good vibe. It was just perfect.”

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