Wendy Williams Urges Lamar Odom Not To Have Kids With Sabrina Parr: It’s Not Fair To His Other 2 Children  

Wendy Williams wasn't thrilled about Lamar Odom's recent admission that he wants to start a family with his new GF, Sabrina Parr. The host thinks it will hinder his relationship with his daughter, Destiny, 21, and son, Lamar Odom Jr., 17.

Wendy Williams & Lamar Odom
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Wendy Williams wants Lamar Odom to really think about what expanding his family will do to his kids — Destiny, 21, and Lamar Jr., 17 — who he shares with his ex-wife Liza Morales. After Lamar’s recent admission that he wants more kids with his new girlfriend, Sabrina Parr, 32, the talk show host, 55, thinks the former Laker, 39, needs to take a step back.

“I don’t know, I just think it’d be better if he just cleaned up his old life,” Wendy said on her daytime talk show, October 17. “I want him to be happy. If he’s going to start a new life with no drugs and get off the Hollywood scene… Everyone deserves their happiness, but a new family, is that kind of dismissive of the old family? Does that mean Destiny and Lamar Jr. got the worst of him and so they have to just deal with that?”, Wendy questioned.

The host went on to explain that Destiny and Lamar Jr. went through a lot while their father was hospitalized after being discovered unconscious inside a Nevada brothel in 2015. The former NBA player has said that he suffered 12 strokes and six heart attacks during that time. Lamar also told HollywoodLife that while he was hospitalized and recovering, he was unable to talk, walk and even communicate with his loved ones.

“These two kids right here I guess have gotten the worst of him and [now] he’s going to give his best to a new family with a brand new woman?”, Wendy said. “And, not only that, but whatever money he has left, now it has to be split four ways with the whole other household? If I were Destiny and Lamar Jr., I would not be happy. So, they got the worst of you and you were never there and now whatever money you have left they’re going to have to split it four ways?”

In the end, Wendy wished him well, and said, “Maybe Lamar can find happiness with this woman.”

Lamar revealed that he wants to expand his family in an interview, following his October 8 elimination from Dancing With the Stars. “I think I want more babies,” the season 28 contestant told Us Weekly. “Twin boys, then I’m out of the game,” he added. When asked if his girlfriend, Sabrina feels the same way, he said, “I think so.”

Just last month, Lamar made his relationship with Sabrina, a fitness trainer and life coach, official on social media. He was previously married to Khloe Kardashian, before the Good American designer filed for divorce in 2013. Their divorce wasn’t completed until December 2016, because Khloe put the process on hold to care for Lamar following his hospitalization. She chose to be his primary caretaker during that time, which allowed her to make all financial and medical decisions for him.

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