Jennifer Aniston Breaks Silence On Why She Joined Instagram After Refusing To Do So For Years

Doing it for the 'gram! Jennifer Aniston shared with Jimmy Kimmel the 'crazy' experience of *finally* joining Instagram, after being so 'reluctant' to get on the app.

Jennifer Aniston, 50, has no idea why she’s on Instagram. No, really! The actress sat down with Jimmy Kimmel, 51, for an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! to tease out just why she finally joined the social media site and, more importantly, what she might post next. “It’s crazy,” Jen said about the whole Instagram debacle. “They measured it, it’s a Guinness Book world record,” the talk show host told her. “You got to a million [followers] in, like, 12 seconds or something.” But Jen said she wasn’t super enthusiastic about joining the ‘gram, describing herself as “the most reluctant person to join Instagram.”

So, why has the Friends star finally joined the social media platform? “I don’t know,” she answered Jimmy. Really, the actress was urged by some of her friends to finally join Instagram following her “resist, persist” mentality. “I’m just trying to build content,” Jen jokingly shared with the audience. But what content could possibly top her first photo — reunion selfie with her former Friends costars? Well, Jimmy had an idea. “Wouldn’t it be funny if you only posted reunion photos of you and the group from Friends?” Jimmy asked among the laughter of his audience. “I think they [her followers] will stick with you, regardless,” the host shared.

Jen’s finally dipping her toe into the world of Instagram, and she announced her arrival in a major way. On Oct. 15, Jen made her Instagram debut with an epic selfie featuring her former costars Courteney CoxDavid SchwimmerLisa KudrowMatthew Perry, and Matt LeBlanc. “And now we’re Instagram FRIENDS too. HI INSTAGRAM,” she captioned the photo, featuring the friends all crammed in together. The actress gained so many followers, that the app crashed after she had only been on for 30 minutes! Yeah, that’s definitely a record.

It’s not just fans who are pumped about the actress finally joining in on the fun, either. Her ex-husband, Justin Theroux, 48, gave his former wife a cute shoutout upon hearing the news. “Woot-woot!” he wrote, adding a few emojis, including a heart and “#first” amid the slew of comments on her first post. Clearly, everyone is excited to see what Jen posts next! Hopefully her page won’t crash again any time soon.

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