The Situation & Snooki Admit They’re ‘Worried’ For Ronnie As He’s Ignored Their Texts After Arrest

The Situation and Snooki's messages to Ronnie Ortiz-Magro have gone unanswered in the wake of their 'Jersey Shore' co-star's arrest, they claimed. Snooki even called out Ronnie's ex, Jen Harley, for openly displaying her bruises in public!

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The silence is concerning Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, 37, and Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, 31. Following Ronnie-Ortiz Magro’s arrest after an alleged altercation with his now reported ex Jen Harley, 31, on Oct. 4, both of his Jersey Shore co-stars tried to contact him, to no avail. “He’s not answering texts,” The Situation revealed during the Oct. 10 episode of the It’s Happening With Snooki and Joey podcast. Snooki confirmed this, adding, “He’s not answering any of us.”

It has been nearly a week since Ronnie’s arrest, and The Situation is growing increasingly worried. “I’ve been texting for days,” he continued. “Like, ‘Listen.’ At first, I was a bit stern and I was like, ‘Wake the f**k up and call me.’ Like, you know what I mean? We’re worried. And then he didn’t answer back and then I went with a little softer approach. Like, ‘Bro, I’m here for you.’” Meanwhile, Snooki revealed that she texted emoji hugs and more comforting sentiments: “I’m like, ‘Here for you.’ I haven’t heard anything.”

Snooki wasn’t as sympathetic towards Jen, who emerged in public on Oct. 7 with large purple bruises on her body for a lunch with her and Ronnie’s daughter Ariana Sky, 18 mos. “My thing is, with Jen, in this photo. ‘Cause there’s a photo released. She’s out to lunch with Ariana. She’s wearing a tank top and shorts, and she has bruises everywhere,” Snooki said on the podcast. “I feel like she went out intentionally to get a photo of her. You don’t have to be wearing a tank top, showing your bruises and the bruise on your leg. She’s wearing booty shorts to show it off. Like, ‘Girl, you can go out with your daughter and have lunch, but cover those up so it’s not a thing.’ She wants it to be a thing.”

“We don’t know how she got the bruises,” The Situation added, who agreed with Snooki’s opinion. While Jen is reportedly claiming that Ronnie “dragged her across the driveway at their Airbnb,” as sources close to the mother told TMZ, a source connected to Ronnie told the outlet that Jen “injured her shoulder falling back off a fence as [Ronnie] took Ariana away from her.” The insider further claimed that “Jen threw herself to the ground and was clinging to Ronnie as he tried to get back to the house with the baby” — however, this report hasn’t been confirmed.

Jen Harley, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro
Ronnie Ortiz-Magro is pictured with Jen Harley at the launch of Verge CBD at Poppy Nightclub in West Hollywood on Oct. 3, just hours before Ronnie’s arrest. (Jen Lowery / MEGA)

“At this particular point, I’m gonna just say that I’m gonna pray for him, his family, his future,” The Situation continued. “And when I see him, I’m gonna let him know that I support him and that if he wanted any advice, obviously we’ll give it.” The Situation declared there are “three sides to a story” — “his side, her side and the truth.”

While fans await that “truth,” the LAPD confirmed to HollywoodLife that police officers responded to a “battery call” at the address of Ronnie and Jen’s rented Airbnb in LA, and that the “suspect and victim were involved in some type of altercation.” Additionally, “there was a child at the scene, unharmed.” In the original report from TMZ, Ronnie was said to have been allegedly chasing Jen with a knife in one hand, and their daughter in the other. Police tasered him at the scene, and the MTV star was taken into custody after the incident. He was released the same day after posting a reported $100,000 bail.

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