Jennifer Aniston’s Facialist Toska Husted Reveals Actress’ Secrets To Looking Ageless At 50

Jennifer Aniston's face at 50 looks more like a woman half her age. Her facialist reveals that the actress takes her skin care routine 'very seriously' and is consistent with her treatments.

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Jennifer Aniston has made 50 the new 30 with how incredible her skin looks. It’s absolutely flawless and there’s a good reason for that, as her facialist tells us EXCLUSIVELY how Jen is very conscientious about her skin care and religiously applies treatments daily. “She’s actually very serious about it. She’s someone who will ask questions like, ‘What are you doing? Why are we doing this?’ She knows all the names of the products, which is very impressive because they’re French, but I’ll ask her ‘What are you using?’ And she’ll go like, ‘Yeah, I’m using  this, with that.’ I’m like, ‘Oh,'” Jen’s facialist Toska Husted tells EXCLUSIVELY:

“Yeah, so she takes it seriously, and she’s very consistent. I mean I don’t think she’ll go out there and say, ‘This is what I use all the time,’ but pretty much that’s what she’s been using the whole time for a long time now,” Toska shares. She reveals that Jen has a twice a day regimen where she’ll apply seven to eight steps of creams, serums and moisturizers. But each step only takes a couple of minutes.

“If you are using an eye makeup remover and they use a first cleanse and a second cleanse, well, the first cleanse is going to remove all your sunscreen and makeup and all that. That’s at night and then you do a cleanser, then you do the P50, which is an exfoliating lotion and then you fill in a couple of serums and an eye cream and a moisturizer and SPF, so that’s how many steps,” Toska explains about Jen’s beauty routine.

Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston at age 50 still has glowing and flawless skin. That’s because she takes her skin-care routine ‘seriously.’

Toska tells us it’s not just products that made Jen’s skin glow, as “I think it was her, it’s the whole package. She does exercise. She eats well. She gets treatments. She does her home care regimen. It’s not like one thing. It’s being consistent with everything.” It also helps that Jen is a good-hearted person, as when we asked Toska one thing that fans may not know about the Murder Mystery actress, she tells us, “She‘s very friendly. She‘s someone who’ll say like, ‘Is that chair comfortable? Can I get you a different chair or can I get you some water?’ She‘s like that. She‘s very caring.” Kindness is just good for one’s overall well-being, including the skin.


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