ALYA Delivers Powerful Message To Women Immigrants With New Song ‘American Beauty’

After releasing her first single "American Beauty", Russian born beauty and singer ALYA is making waves not just with her music, but with her passionate spirit and philanthropic work. Check it out after the jump!

Image Credit: IRINA LOGRA

Produced by Grammy- award winning producer Bill Schnee, ALYA‘s new song ‘American Beauty’ is quickly garnering national attention and is expected to make its debut on the Billboard charts later this month. ALYA delivers such a powerful message on the track by presenting it with a photo collage of flowers from different continents to represent the beauty of immigrant women. “We live in a time when there is so much anger, so many shallow and distracting things. I wanted to bring something real with my music, my art project, and philanthropic initiative.” the singer told Hollywood Life.

Alya, who is a classically trained singer and talented artist, is motivated by love for her country. A country whose inclusive nature allowed her to fulfill the dreams of immigrants around the world.

Along with the track, this week ALYA announced the launch of “Outside The Lines” – Michelson Immigrant Women’s Resource Center. It will work as part of the Michelson 20MM Foundation. ALYA plans to provide local immigrant women interested in media, art, and entertainment with no-cost academic and career advising, financial counseling, legal expertise, and access to a vast network of mentors and collaborators. That is something she often wishes she had when she was starting as an artist in a foreign country adding, “I hope my initiative will help women – immigrants, staying in the country legally, to grow to their full potential, You need to know how to navigate this complicated entertainment industry if you want to succeed.”

If you haven’t listened to ALYA yet, you should definitely check out her new song here. Critics are in love with her rich and unique style. ALYA seamlessly combines wildly diverse genres with the authority of experience and the discipline of a well-trained creative mind. A self-taught painter and a classically trained singer and ballet dancer, ALYA is fluent in several languages. She’s a visual artist, a performance artist, and a songwriter. “One of the most important things for me today is to promote my message about the need for inclusion of immigrants, welcoming them, and helping them grow. We, immigrants, color outside the lines, which is so essential for any development, especially if we are talking about the culture. There is currently no organization that focuses on the issues I am raising. This is not ok, and hence the reason Im creating our initiative.”

So HollywoodLifers, Make sure you check out this amazing new artist and her new song ‘American Beauty’ you will not be disappointed!

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