‘Chicago Fire’ Boss Teases Brett’s Return & Talks Brett & Casey’s ‘Interesting Pull’

'Chicago Fire' is in the midst of season 8 and building up to another epic crossover. HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with creator/EP Derek Haas about Brett's return, Gallo's future, and the dynamic between Casey and Brett moving forward.

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Brett’s coming back to Firehouse 51 after a few months away. She broke off her engagement with Kyle and headed back to Chicago. HollywoodLife talked EXCLUSIVELY with Chicago Fire creator and showrunner Derek Haas at NBC’s One Chicago Day about Brett coming back into the fold. “I think it was the right move,” Derek told HollywoodLife. “I think she acted a little irrationally when she accepted the chaplain’s proposal and then I just loved the theme or the idea I guess of you can’t go home again. The girl Brett was when she left Fullerton is not the same when she got back. It’s like a river, you can go to the same point but it’s different. She needed a little reaffirmation of why she loves what she loves about Chicago. I think the scenes are going to be fun when she first comes back to the firehouse.”

Brett is also returning to Chicago a single woman. Could this mean something between Brett and Casey could be in the works? Derek admitted that he was “surprised” by how much “people were either into it or not into it.” He continued: “With them, they’re like two ships passing in the night a little bit. They’re always at different stages of where they are in their relationships and I do think they have an interesting pull to each other so we’ll keep exploring that. I can’t promise one camp or the other camp which way this is going to go.”

Chicago Fire kicked off season 8 with the tragic death of Otis. His death devastated Firehouse 51, especially Cruz, who will continue to struggle with the tragedy. “One of the things we wanted to do this season was show that that kind of tragedy, that kind of grief, would affect people at various times, rates of speed, and in various ways,” Derek said. “I think Cruz hasn’t dealt with it fully, and we’ll have a manic-ness to him that we’ll keep going throughout the season. When you’re faced with how life can change on a dime, then you treat life differently and that’s going to be happening.”

Blake Gallo made quite the entrance in the second episode of season 8. His backstory will be explored a little bit as the season goes on. “We wanted to introduce the character who was a kind of a combination of Severide and Casey, so he’s not afraid to take matters into his own hands, but he also isn’t a bad guy,” Derek said. “He wants to learn and he’s going to have the best mentors in CFD at Firehouse 51. You’re going to see some more cards turned on how he got to be where he is and then going forward what kind of firefighter he is going to be.” Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on NBC.

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