Cara Maria Sorbello & Paulie Calafiore Admit Breakup Was Planned: ‘We Had To Troll The Trolls’

One day after Cara Maria Sorbello and Paulie Calafiore shocked fans by revealing they'd broken up, they're opening up about the 'social experiment' behind the 'planned' announcement.

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Image Credit: MTV

It turns out that Cara Maria Sorbello and Paulie Calafiore are not broken up like he previously claimed! Or…maybe they are? Whatever’s going on in the pair’s relationship, they’re making it clear that it’s just for them to know. The on/off couple filmed an Instagram Live on Oct. 9 and explained that their behavior on social media over the last couple of days was all part of a grander plan to prove a point to the haters. The ‘social experiment,’ as they called it, began after fans started speculating that there was trouble in their relationship because of their activity on Instagram (specifically, that Paulie was liking photos of other women). Before long, rumors started swirling that Paulie’s Instagram likes meant that he was cheating on Cara.

“It was all planned,” Cara explained in the new video. Paulie added, “We had to troll the trolls a little bit, even if the trolls were some of our [The Challenge] castmates. We just wanted to bring light to the ‘cancel culture’ that exists nowadays. We want to start to make steps in the right direction of just being more positive online and trying to inspire other people to be more positive.” The pair acknowledged that they have not been “saints” when it comes to online activity, either, but are making a point to try and change that.

“A lot of people take snippets of what they see or hear — Paulie liked this photo, or Cara followed this person — and think, it must mean this. What we’re really trying to put out there is…you never really know the facts. You think you know, but you got no idea. You have beautiful people that see something and interpret it into a good thing, and you have people that are looking to find something terrible, and they have their own issues going on in their own lives, and they’ll see the same exact thing in a completely opposite way.”

They concluded by making it clear that, in the future, nobody will know what’s really going on in their lives except for them. “You never really know all the facts,” Paulie reiterated. “To just rush and try to go to social media just because you want to be the first person to put something out there when you don’t really know all the facts…I feel like people have stopped researching things and logic is lost and facts are lost. The only thing we want to say moving forward is…nobody will know except us.”

The first video that was part of Cara and Paulie’s ‘social experiment’ featured her shutting down the speculation that Paulie was cheating on her by explaining that he couldn’t have cheated because they’ve always been in an ‘open relationship.’ Then, 24 hours later, he said that they had broken up for good. Meanwhile, earlier this year, Paulie revealed in an interview that the relationship was “exclusive.” Naturally, the entire back and forth has left fans (and haters) beyond confused, which, it seems, is the point!

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