‘Dog’s Most Wanted’: Beth Chapman Switches To CBD Treatments After Stopping Chemo

After switching from chemo to CBD treatments, Beth Chapman starts seeing positive changes in her health on the Oct. 9 episode of 'Dog's Most Wanted.'

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Beth Chapman continues to fight her battle with cancer on this week’s episode of Dog’s Most Wanted. During last week’s episode, she found out her cancer was ‘incurable,’ even with chemotherapy. So, she decides to switch to using an alternative treatment — CBD (cannabidiol) — to ease the pain. “I definitely am able to eat if I stay on it, and I can sleep,” Beth says. “If I don’t take it, I’m awake.” Her husband, Dog the Bounty Hunter, is also pleased with the results. “For two weeks, she didn’t eat. She lost 20-something pounds,” he reveals. “The second day she took the CBD, she ate half a sandwich. She’s back up six or eight more pounds.”

Unfortunately, it’s still no secret that the stage IV lung cancer is taking a toll on Beth. She’s unable to join Dog in Las Vegas for this week’s hunt, and instead, she stays back in Hawaii with some of her kids and grandkids. Rather than sitting around and wallowing, though, Beth makes a point to stay active by taking the family on a hike. “This is one of my normal training routines that I do to stay fit,” she explains. “I probably do this three times a week. This has been a place where I take sanctuary when I’m not feeling well.”

Beth’s daughter, Cecily, is a bit worried about the over-exertion, though. “I did not think [the hike] was a good idea at all,” she admits. “I didn’t want going on this hike get shut down by the weakness of her sickness.” Still, Beth makes a point to stay positive. “You gotta exercise,” she tells her daughter. “You don’t just lay down and die and let it take over your body. I’m not pushing myself at all. I’m pushing myself to get out.”

Plus, Beth has a secret weapon to ensure that she doesn’t do more than her body can handle. “I brought myself a safety net. I brought [my dog], Lola,” she says. “I knew Lola would never make it to the top, so I wouldn’t have to make it to the top. I don’t want to push or force it, and I don’t want to push myself beyond the boundaries. Bounty hunting would probably be beyond the boundaries, so everything else in my life has to be kept pretty neat. But I think it’s important that [everyone else] keeps going. Life has to go on.”

Unfortunately, Beth did eventually succumb to her cancer earlier this year, but she clearly put up a fight until the very end. We’ll see her journey continue on the next episode of Dog’s Most Wanted.

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