‘Teen Mom 2’: Leah Messer Reveals Whether Or Not She ‘Likes’ Ex Jeremy Calvert Again

After Leah's kids became suspicious of her possible romance with Jeremy, during the Oct. 8 episode of 'Teen Mom 2', she went ahead and invited him to go to Hawaii with her.

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Leah Messer was forced to explain herself during the Oct. 8 episode of Teen Mom 2, after her kids — Addie, Gracie and Ali — went through her phone and found romantic text messages sent to Jeremy Calvert. Leah said she wanted to keep things “casual” with Jeremy, but because the “girls were starting to catch on”, she had to give them some sort of explanation. After Addie screamed, “Mommy likes Jeremy!”, and Gracie said “heart, heart, kissy face” emojis, Leah told her daughters that they were just being “goofy”. However, that wasn’t enough to get them to stop talking about their suspicions. Addie actually threw more fuel on the fire when she revealed that she once caught them in bed together: “So Mommy was in bed with my Dad, and it was dark.” However, Leah insisted that she “doesn’t like Jeremy”, and if “something was going on” she would “definitely” tell them. Interestingly enough, she later invited Jeremy to go to Hawaii with them for a family vacation with Kailyn Lowry and her boys.

And speaking of Kailyn, she reconsidered her move this week. Instead of purchasing a plot of land like Chelsea Houska did, Kailyn took a look at a house that was already built. It was in the same neighborhood as the plot of land she looked at last season, so the kids would still go to the same school, and the move-in process would be faster. The house also had a pool, which she loved, so she revealed that she was going to put in an offer. As for Chelsea, she also moved forward with her moving process by signing the land deed after her offer was accepted.

Meanwhile, Nova revealed that she missed her dad, so Briana put her anger with DeVoin aside and let them spend some time together. First, he came over to her family’s apartment to play a game with Nova. Then, he went with the family to watch Nova’s gymnastics practice, and afterward, they all went to the American Girl doll store together. But Briana also let DeVoin know that she’ll be keeping a close eye on him and she doesn’t want to see him get drunk in front of her ever again.

Finally, Jade tried to distance herself from Sean after their fight, while she also worried about how it would affect their daughter, Kloie. Because she suspected that Sean was using drugs again, she feared what actions he might take if he learned where she was staying. And later, Sean went on Instagram to post a live video, during which he pretty much bashed Jade and said he was happy they split, even though his actions seemed to say otherwise.

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