‘RHOD’ Recap: Brandi Redmond Accuses LeeAnne Locken Of ‘Living In The Past’

Brandi Redmond and LeeAnne Locken engaged in one heck of a screaming match, during the Oct. 2 episode of 'The Real Housewives of Dallas'.

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On the third day of the girls’ trip to Mexico — during the Oct. 2 episode of The Real Housewives of DallasStephanie confided in Kary about feeling overwhelmed by Kameron’s harsh “trash” comment to Brandi. So while they went into a sweat lodge for a ceremonial experience to deal with their feelings of depression, Brandi and Kameron met up beachside to further discuss their issues. However, LeeAnne became offended when Brandi asked Kameron if they could speak in private — away from LeeAnne. It wasn’t anything personal — Brandi just wanted to hash things out one-on-one, without anyone interfering — but LeeAnne became upset because the ladies didn’t give her the same courtesy the night before when she wanted to speak to Kary privately. Plus, LeeAnne was abandoned as a child, so she said that being left alone is not something she loves.

Later that evening, during their last night together, an unexpected argument broke out between Brandi and LeeAnne. When Brandi senses how upset LeeAnne was at the dinner table, she asked her if they could step aside and talk things out. So that’s what they did. “All I beg is that you hear me so clearly because I almost wanted to write a note on your door [that said], ‘You win, I’ll leave.’ That’s it,” LeeAnne said. Brandi asked, “Do you think that I wanted you to leave?” And LeeAnne said, “That’s how I feel. Yes, I feel like you don’t want me. When you were so [aggressive] with Kam, I felt like we were right back to day one and you know that because when the word ‘trash’ comes out, you’re right back to white trash, and it’s the same thing with me.”

“I don’t want to live in that moment. I don’t want people to feel sorry for me,” Brandi said, insinuating that that’s what LeeAnne wants, but she disagreed. “You think I want people to feel sorry for me?!” she asked. “Yes, I think that,” Brandi replied. “In situations, you deflect and sometimes — LeeAnne, I have been through s*** in my life, but the difference is I bottle things up and I don’t share it with people. And I hold it as something that I want to move past, and I want to grow from, and I want to make myself better. And if you live in the past, you’re stuck there.”

“I’m not living in the past! Please don’t ever interpret that where I live is in the past,” LeeAnne yelled, but Brandi disagreed. “But you live that way, LeeAnne! You [always] bring it up. And I feel so bad, but you make it everyone else’s problem,” she said.

Sadly, the ladies never agreed and once Stephanie intervened, they all went back to the table to eat their meals.

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